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Ivy has Entropion - Opinions on Surgery?


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New Update. Ivy saw Dr. S. again today. She managed to rip two more stitches out, the brat.

I didn't even think she was worrying at them, but maybe it's happening at night. *sigh*

We still haven't removed the e-collar. 5 more days and then we can take it off.

Interesting though. He took the remaining stitches out (it's sort of futile at this point) and her eye looks pretty good. Still some swelling. He reiterated that the scar tissue she's created there may pull the eyelid out enough that it won't roll back in. But if we don't get that lucky, there's a new laser procedure he suggested. He said he'd just read about it in the past week. Apparently the lasers are fired into the skin under the eye to tighten it up. This could possibly solve her issues without any cutting or removing the eyelid, which would be fabulous. He hasn't ever done this procedure but has done a lot of laser surgery.

So, keeping my fingers crossed. Provided she doesn't have any setbacks, we'll go back in two weeks so he can re-evaluate and decide what to do.


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Years ago I had a Rott that had this condition. We tried ointment and drops but shed get ulcers...surgery was a lifesaver for us!

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Sorry I've been MIA. It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

After 13 long days Ivy finally got to have the e-collar removed last week. Her eye looks fabulous. No redness, no goop, no constant tearing like before. I think the "temporary" tacks may have fixed the problem. Crossing my fingers. We see the vet again tomorrow to follow up. I don't have a good eye close up but for your viewing pleasure ...

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