Introducing Zoomie

Discussion in 'Other Pets' started by Penelope's Mom, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    You all know P and Oliver but Zoomie, our forgotten child, lives here too. We refer to him as the 'ugly elf.' He's half boxer and half Boston terrier. He's four-years-old and a grump. :D

    20141215_153727.jpg 20141215_153750.jpg 20141215_153756.jpg
  2. TricAP

    TricAP Well-Known Member

    He is adorable! WOW do you have your hand full with such strong puppy personalities!
  3. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    It's why I'm exhausted all the time. :p
  4. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    i want him,love the 2nd pic lol
  5. Jakesmum

    Jakesmum Well-Known Member

    What a combination! I bet his name fits him perfectly. He is adorable though, love the looks on his face!
  6. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    He is adorable, and I love his name!
  7. TricAP

    TricAP Well-Known Member

    How big is Zommie?
  8. QY10

    QY10 Well-Known Member

    Oh my! He is just absolutely precious!!!

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  9. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    He's very tiny. We had him neutered at 5 months and because of that he has a hard time keeping weight on. He eats as much as Dummy...I mean Oliver, and only weighs between 35 and 40 pounds.

    Zoomie says thanks for all the compliments and now he will resume being grumpy.
  10. TricAP

    TricAP Well-Known Member

    For the mix he is that isn't too tiny. Our boxer Bella is a petite girl at right under 50 lbs. Tell him its all right to be grumpy - someone has to be serious in the house - in ours its Diva our 9 yr old Chi - she is on Angus's case DAILY over something. Usually a snatch and grab of whatever blanket she is curled up under. Sounds like he's misunderstood. :)
  11. Cobalt

    Cobalt Well-Known Member

    Now there's a distinctive face! But a handsome one just the same :)
  12. Max's mom

    Max's mom Well-Known Member

    Zoomie should have his own line of greeting cards!
    I love him! I can't believe you've hidden him from us for so long.
  13. Penelope's Mom

    Penelope's Mom Well-Known Member

    He often gets forgotten in Oliver and Penelope's world. lol He's the good one of the bunch even though he resource guards. He's a joy compared to the other two. ;)

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