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Introducing Gambler


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We welcomed Gambler into our home on Monday, 5/2/2022. He is 8 weeks 4 days old today. He weighs in at 17lbs(7.711kg). He is eating well with the raw diet. He is very cute and sweet. He is a blue fawn, also known as a Formentino. Here are a few pics...20220504_091145.jpg20220504_091552.jpg20220504_091526.jpg


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Gambler has now been in our home for a week and had his first vet appt last night. He now is weighing 20lbs and had his stitches removed from his ears. He is still learning to walk on leash. He is eating very well and is working on some commands. Olive and him have met a couple times for a few minutes while on leash. Still being careful since he is still little and also has to wear the cone of shame. Both seem to want to play with one another.20220510_105121.jpg20220510_105009.jpg


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Gambler is now 3 months old. He is growing very steadily and weighed in at 32lbs this morning. He is now on a good kibble. Not by choice but because it is hard to source good meats and organs without paying top dollar. He still gets his supplements. He seems to not mind the switch. Here is one of my favorite shots of him, so far.


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cute pup, nothing wrong with feeding high quality kibble! My boy weighed 17.5 pounds when I brought him home 8 weeks old. He eats Purina Pro Plan large breed puppy food and is one now and weighs a little over 100 pounds. Shiny coat and good poops, vet says he loves that food and he is healthy