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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Zeus’Keeper, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. Zeus’Keeper

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    Hi guys! - UK CC owner

    Just wanted to find out if anyone here has had any experience in importing a CC from Europe (Romania specifically). Our fist CC was bred in the UK so was just a quick drive to Essex.

    We have a deposit on 2 more CCs (one for me and one for my cousin) which we’re bred in Romania and they are due to be delivered mid December. The breeder was recommended and after doing some research they seem legit but I cannot see any guarantees that they will deliver once I pay the remaining amount as this is required before delivery.

    Has anyone done this before? If so, are there any documents that I should ask for to ensure the dogs have been registered with our details or is there anything that I could do to ensure the delivery?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!
  2. Jago19

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    We recently imported our boy from Russia, honestly I don’t think there is any way you can be 100% sure they will deliver. With us we were lucky in the sense that we had contact with their U.K. based staff member who helps them import dogs into the U.K. & we went to his home to meet him & his imported CC before placing a deposit. We then paid a quarter of the money before delivery and the rest to the delivery man on our pups arrival.

    if they are a good breeder and true to their word perhaps they could do a similar arrangement for you. Our pup is of Russian championship blood line but we didn’t have any confirmation that he would be here 100% we just went with our gut and hoped for the best. The breeders, their U.K. staff member etc kept us updated constantly which helped ease our anxiety. It’s always a risk in my opinion but go with you gut.

    Others on here might have better advice in terms of paper work etc we took the risk and jumped in as we fell so in love with our boy. Personally if I hadn’t gone to their U.K. staff members home, met him in person & met his CC We wouldn’t have put down a deposit, perhaps you can ask them for a whatsapp video call where they can show you around their kennels etc to help with peace of mind.

    The one thing I would be pushy about is Hip & elbow scores, make sure they have had both mum & dad scored & that they both have great hips/elbows. It doesn’t mean genetics can’t mutate and you won’t end up with a pup with HD it just means it’s less likely.
  3. Zeus’Keeper

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    Thank you, for the response. I guess it is a matter of trust when it comes to these things. To be fair we do get weekly photos and videos of both pups playing together so I guess that’s a plus. I’ll definitely ask for a payment arrangement where I can pay upon delivery, hopefully this would be fine.

    Quick question, presumably your puppy would have come with travel documents I.e. passport or vet documents. Where any of your details registered on these like owners name or address? Thinking maybe I would be able to ask the breeder for copies of these before sending the rest of the money in the event that he chooses not to take the payment upon delivery option.
  4. Jago19

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    Originally I thought he would come with a pet passport as i thought that was the only way to get him into the U.K. legally. However what most over sea’s breeders do to keep costs low, is they take advantage of the EU pet scheme that got brought in so he didn’t need a passport. Instead he came with an international veterinary certificate for dogs which has the breeders information on it, the transport guy’s details (as I believe they lie & say he’s the owner then they send the pedigree paperwork via post separately in our name, least this is how our breeders did things) this also has all of his vet stamped vaccine proof including rabies, he also came with a document proving he came from our breeder. His own bag with food for a small while, treats etc.

    So I mean you could ask for this but it wouldn’t really be proof of much if that makes sense I can’t see why if they are going to bring the puppy over & are doing everything they say they will that they wouldn’t agree you paying say 80% before his arrival and the rest on the day of arrival.

    good luck!
  5. Prasath Gopinath

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    Hi Guys - I am looking for a legit breeder from Romania for importing Cane Corso puppies, please refer based on your experience. I am from India. I would really appreciate your help on this.
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