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Ideas for where I could go with my dog?


New Member
I am looking for a living arrangement where my dog could be with people during the day in an air-conditioned space while I am working. I have a 10 year old English mastiff, I am currently somewhat homeless and open to driving anywhere on the west half of the U.S., I will have about 2,000$ to get my self established somewhere. I had to take her from a family member who could no longer care for her and although I would have never got a dog intentionaly in my current position, I can not let her go as she has special needs that would likely lead to her not being adopted (she is not very good with other dogs, scared of some people, etc ) and I can not send her back to a shelter. She means everything to me. I would give up everything for this dog and I desperately want to find a good place for her so I can work to support her without her being alone during the day and without care.

Does anyone have any ideas or know anyone open to a roommate with a big dog?

I am a 23 year old very hardworking (male) cabinet installer and as soon as I can get on feet somewhere I'll have no problem paying rent and hiring care but until then I'm scrambling for options.