How Much Impact Is Too Much For Puppy?!

Discussion in 'Boerboel' started by BoerboelMama, May 21, 2021.

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    Hi all! I wonder if anyone has any advice...

    My partner and I have a 4 1/2 month old pup (who I am SO in love with) and in all my research of how to care for him properly, I've only just come upon the issue of giant breeds and high impact / activity levels in early stages of development!

    So as soon as he was allowed (as per vets instructions) we started taking him out, and in the interest of socialising / him enjoying life, let him play and interact with other dogs etc - which obviously involves rolling around, a little bit of play fighting and what not, which now I'm worried will have been too much for his joints?!

    We'll run around with him as well, and he'll go full pelt / tumble over himself when trying to stop.. Which I realise is normal to a certain degree but again - now am anxious has been too much impact! He's only ever on grass, and seems agile enough, but I don't know when it comes to long term repercussions whether what he's doing is too much (which from what I've read on here seems to be so) or if it's still in the realm of safe activity...

    Would really appreciate any input, thought I was thorough in my self-education but apparently missed a huge factor in raising him right!

    Many thanks in advance :)
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    My interpretation is that you don't want a lot of running and jumping on hard surfaces. Playing on grass with other dogs wouldn't concern me except for 1 exception, make sure that if he gets tired he takes a break. My older dog, not a mastiff breed, had to be made to take a break when he was tired as he just didn't want to stop playing. My EM was able to self regulate even as a young puppy
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    Basically no going up and down stairs until 15-18 months so you'll have to carry him, same thing when getting in and out of your vehicle (pet ramp) no sprinting until 14 months and only in short bursts. The clumsiness is just apart of being a puppy but just make sure there isn't too rough play going on. And give your puppy joint supplements. Long walks (up to 2 miles) at the puppies pace is fine. But once they start laying down just pick him up and carry him back because he won't walk any further if he doesn't want to. Between 14-18 months is a good time to start weening him into harder joint activities. In all mastiff breeds their joints don't mature until 16-18 months compared to 4-8 months in most other dogs
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    I know it seems like overkill but think of it this way, would you rather have overkill for a year and a half with a dog that has super strong joints as a result, or tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills because of joint surgeries and medications
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    Argh I've only just seen these! But CRIKEY... Those are some measures. You're absolutely right about the paying dues now rather than regretting it later when issues arise, but there's no chance I'm getting my partner agreeing to all that! I'll definitely do what I can to preserve any type of hyperextension etc, won't be needing a gym if I'm carrying him up and down stairs sure

    Very much appreciate the advice, will be a lot more conscious from now on thank you!
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    That helps thank you!

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