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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Richie, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. Richie

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    My CC is 10 months old and will turn a year May 29th. When we got him last year, we was a small pup for most of the hot months. We kept him inside most of the time, but when we took him out for walks, upon return, he would quickly lay on the ceramic tile near an air vent.

    Now that he's older, he wants to be outside more but it's not long before he's asking to come back in. Anything approaching 70+ degrees he's panting pretty heavy. With the current temperatures, I'm able to let him out during the early morning, back in before the afternoon hours, and back out in the evening.

    I live in NC, soon it will be warm pretty much 24 x 7, for those who live in a warm climate, are you seeing this with your CC? Anyone have any ideas for keeping him cool during the day while outside... other than plenty of cool water? I thought about freezing a block of ice and letting it slowly thaw during the day for drinking water, but is there something else I can do? I have plenty of shade in the backyard, but that's not enough.

    The Boxers I've owned all had short hair but not as dense as the CC, which, I'm guess, is why he overheats so quickly.

    Most of the Husky owner I know shave their dog during the warmer months. This is a new dilemma for me so any suggestion is appreciated.
  2. BattleDax

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    Hey, Ritchie. I'm not a CC owner – yet, but:

    You're describing something a lot of Dobermans are notorious for. This, along with hating to swim, are perhaps the two biggest weaknesses in the breed. My current Dobe, give him like 55 or 60° and sunny, and he shuts down.

    My first Dobe, however, did not suffer this weakness. One thing about him was he had a full undercoat – something the breed is not supposed to have.

    I know that this stuff can depend on what the dog is accustomed to, so that may be playing a major role for your CC.

    It's informative, however to hear this. As I understand it, the CC was supposed to be a working farm dog. Heat/sun sensitivity is antithetical to this. Of course the Doberman, as I have read in old books, is supposed to be capable of "working all day." Ha.

    Here we are in the internet age, and I get most of my info. and learning on this computer screen. Thus, I offer the example of Senza Tempo Cane Corso's alpha male named Preacher. He's a black dog and I've heard Rachael say in a video he's 140 lbs.! One video shows him, in the Texas heat, playing fetch, swimming in a pool, and just running around vigorously – this, after having already played earlier. The dog has amazing speed and explosiveness. For your consideration, Preacher seems to me to be of the type with Boxer influence.

    By way of a solution: I'll let you in on a little invention of mine from years ago. I never got rich off it. Maybe you will. :cool: I took a large t-shirt, cut it open, sewed three tube socks lengthwise into the back of it, and one the other direction along the bottom. Sew it to a collar at the neck. On a blazing hot day (We lived in AZ at the time and I used to take my Dobe for lengthy walks and trips to the park during the heat of the day) fill the socks with ice and tie them shut. Put it on your dog and go for a walk. It ties under the belly. As the ice slowly melts, the the thing gets soaked. Remember me when you become famous!
  3. timmy59

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    Check for soy content in the dog food, sounds like your cc is becoming a soy boy.. Soy increases estrogen in males or makes them Pu**ies.. Be sure to stay away from soy and never feed him an impossible whooper from BK it's soy based.. You might also ask the pooch if he identifies as a male or female since we have such confusion nowadays..
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  4. timmy59

    timmy59 Well-Known Member

    Excess protein may also play part..
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  5. Boxergirl

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    Some boxers are very sensitive to the heat. I use a Ruffwear Swamp Cooling Coat for my guys. It works really well without having anything too cold directly next to the skin. Do you know how to, and not to, treat your dog if he's overheated?
  6. Patrick

    Patrick Well-Known Member

    My Corsos run out of energy FAST during the summer... I do protection training with them.. I keep plenty of water and give several breaks in an hour session.... I also bought a kiddy pool I keep with cool, not Cold water...and I leave it in the shade... you have to be careful... I know someone who HAD a Corso but died of heat exhaustion... please be careful...
  7. marke

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    dogs have evolved to not lose or gain heat through their bodies , it's why they can sleep in a snow drift ....... the better conditioned , the more efficient breather they are , the more heat tolerant they'll be ....... also the smaller the dog the better the heat tolerance will be , larger dogs metabolism create more heat that needs dissipated than that of a smaller dog ....... most of a dogs heat is lost through their mouth and sinuses , it's why they pant .....some heat is lost through the groin , ears , pads , forearms ......wetting a dogs fur won't help dissipate heat , in the sun it can actually make a dog hotter ...... wet their groin , armpits , mouth , inner thighs and forarms ............ conditioning , making them as efficient of a breather as they can be will make them as heat tolerant as they can be .....
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  8. Richie

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    This is too funny, I don't think I'll be getting rich from it either....
  9. Richie

    Richie Active Member

    To be honest until now, I never even thought about it. Sounds like I have some research to do.
  10. Richie

    Richie Active Member

    I also, have heard reports of CC overheating and dying, which is what led to my request for help. I like the kiddie pool idea. I thought about it last year when he was a much smaller puppy. However, for some reason they were almost impossible to find. I'm not sure if it's true but one of the store employees said it was due to the Pandemic, parents were doing whatever to keep their small kids entertained.... that make sense. I'll keep looking, because it is a good idea and he loves the water...
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  11. Richie

    Richie Active Member

    Thanks I'll try this as well...
  12. Richie

    Richie Active Member

    Thanks everyone for the good feedback. I have several things to try....all of which are simple.

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