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I am a dogman from the apalachin mountains of sw Virginia. I've had dogs my whole life starting with my dad having gsd wen I was born ...just always been around them. I bought my first dog as an adult at 19(a 90$ 3/4 rotten 1/4 redbone), and that was the last money I paid for a dog till last winter, when after 16 years managing a small defense dog breeding program in the middle of town on a half acre, I secured land and an old cabin and new kennel. I also decided to inaugurate my entry into trying to make a living at this by buying a dog with different blood from what I had. I settled on a presa canario from rucaden,ironbull, and linea m dogs.( The daughter of direct imports, she hadn't a common relative with any of my old blood sinse the 80s at least), so here I am ith yard of dogs , struggling but learning every day something new, and hopefully mastering all challenges that come up.
My dogs: I breed my own strain of biting dog, aka bandog, guard dog, catch dog, companion guardian , ect. I've been slowly creating them from the dogs life dropped into my lap thru testing and being very picky of who gets bred. I have the blood the following dog breeds in my current 2 litters of pups...
Apbt( some from a Eli Jethro dog some unknown), great Dane, heeler(possibly Shepard cross...17_18 year ago I was less educated in dogmanship.) Neo, presa, and I think there's some ambull as well. One litter is ourth gen linebred bandogs other is second gen bandog presa outcross. All Dane blood comes from Myra 32"145#a confrontational, prey and dominance driven, throw back to the boar hound . died 7 from old age!!!All neo and ambull thru deja the neo pit bandog,22"90#~ who was defensively monstrous, and would attack me if I yelled at my gf who owned her...about 4 times...3 I repelled her with a stick from the scratch awl and once I had to choke Millie off her to save her...and who had no problem hanging and jerking a spring pole at 90+ lb. She's still alive and with her owner. The Eli Jethro blood and the biting heeler blood come from boe the bullheeler, who gurded me awake and asleep and guarded my house when I was away for 13 years..,racking up 3 serious ny strip removal live bites in that time all on large violent (armed in 2cases)drunk men, including once when I was absent and a guy was shooting my ceiling. At 21"64# I've yet to see his equall. Also the smartest dog I've seen was able to undo screw links, latches, and snaps till I introduced pull and unfold horse snap . Also amazing insensibility to pain and ability to shrug of physical trauma. Died age 13 in pack fight.

Bo and Myra had two litters.all known living blood of pair comes through millie
Bud had a litter with alligator pit bitch but I don't know who got them.
7.62 millie- aosoth 26" 100_110lb and explosive like her grand ma Dixie the e Eli Jethro game dog. Go over six foot fence. Proven in real life as protector from man and dog.
Dutchess is bo x deja no discernable man agression but fantastic athlete and the best coyote extermination dog I've ever seen 22"80lb
Osama one..dutchess bro disappeared in woods presumed dead ...a throwback to the neo in deja by way of er dad flash. Huge head 23.5 120~@2yr good territorial aggression
Osama 2 son of o1 and Millie big bone buetigul lazy dog good defense drive lower prey drive very low rank drive. My truck dog 25 "120~
Saddam son of o1 and Millie. 27" 110# long legs long body runners build physically like long body Dane with ambull head. Likes to hunt . Lot eye to shotgun hunting goat. Very smart...higher prey drive than bro.
Hecate 22.5" 96# rucaden ironbull linea m bloodline presa...built like bodybuilder...hates strangers...hates them and will bite them. Buetiful dog second most athletic dog I own.
Tezrian pup out of Millie x Ryker of sova kennels 50 presa 25 Dane 12.5 apbt(Eli Jethro) 12.5 man aggressive Texas heeler...most athletic and smartest in litter, ranked top 3 in sagression.
Satannegra,.text sis was runt bites like steel trap.
Cocaine dutchess x 2bros biggest one of top two in aggression...