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Hard to decide on which cane corso puppy


New Member
Hi guys which cane corso puppy should i pick both puppies have good temperment.


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New Member
The puppies are about to be 9 weeks old hard to decide on which puppy wonder which one is gonna be bigger and with the better structure


Well-Known Member
In my opinion temperament and suitability for whatever I plan to do with my dog is the most important thing. Health testing of parents and conforming to the standard of the breed is of equal importance to temperament, imo. Size and color are less important to me. Size is genetically determined and you can generally expect to see an adult of similar size to the parents, so if the parents meet the standard I wouldn't worry too much about size. I've seen the smallest pups end up being the largest as adults. I would discuss with the breeder which pup seems to best adhere to the standard of the breed and base a decision on that.


New Member
Thank You and yeah the temperment of both pups are good and the health tests came out good. i would like to breed the puppy in the future i like the one on the left but i notice his snout is diferent than the other puppy and his white patch on his Chest is a little bigger than the other puppy


Well-Known Member
I see one appears to have smaller ears. I would choose that one. That one also seems to be a bit longer in leg, but it might just be the way they are sitting.

Big Gus

Active Member
So which one did you pick? I like the face of the one on the right. Looks to have an attitude…