Happy Birthday Daisy

Discussion in 'Boerboel' started by Dstack, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. Dstack

    Dstack Well-Known Member

    Hi All-
    Today Daisy, our Boerboel turned one year. The time sure has flown. She brings us great joy after the loss of our Black mouth cur last year but it hasn’t been without some challenges. So thankful for the great advice I received during those early stages. While every dog has their own personalities the traits in Daisy haven’t shifted much from the description of a Boerboel. She went through a fear stage but now approaches most people and animals with extreme confidence and curiosity. She naturally guards her territory. We have been extremely lucky that with her height, weight and size Daisy is a sweet Boerboel. She loves company, rides in the car and walking adventures. The exercise she requires is quite a lot. She gets bored very easily and needs lots of stimulation and trots daily. Something to keep in mind if considering this breed. Also a true Velcro. I hope everyone is well. I’ll try to get on the Forum more. Busy with kids dog etc. Happy New Year!

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  2. Smokeycat

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    Happy belated birthday Daisy.
  3. glen

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    Happy birthday daisy,
  4. Dstack

    Dstack Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses! Cheers!
  5. BattleDax

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    Happy birthday, there, Daisy!
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  6. timmy59

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    You may recall we wanted another Boerboel but could afford the price tag.. Absolutley LOVE the breed, Glad to hear ya'll are making progress and maturing as should be.. She's always welcome for a visit here on the farm... I'm curious are you in a country that forbids tail docking ? That tail is likely a weapon of coffee table destruction.. LOL.. She looks wonderful, nice and lean, with plenty of leg I'd bet she covers ground real good.. That face of course brings back memories.. May you and yours have a safe and happy New year..
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  7. Dstack

    Dstack Well-Known Member

    Ha! Yes- the tail is quite a weapon of mass destruction but after going through the cropping and docking of Dobermans- we swore never again! It’s great watching a dog wag a tail, spills and all. She is very healthy indeed and extremely strong. Always by my side. As you know- she’ll be a wonderful companion to our family for many years. Happy New Year to you and yours.
  8. Boxergirl

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    Happy belated birthday, Daisy!
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  9. Sukh Bb x TM

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    Happy belated birthday to Daisy
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  10. Alicia Brennan

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    Happy birthday Daisy :)
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  11. kingmark

    kingmark Well-Known Member

    Happy birthday to little girl daisy!
  12. Dstack

    Dstack Well-Known Member

    Thanks Kingmark! Hope you and yours are well. Would love to see pics. Cheers!

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