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Gisele 8 Month Old Fila Brasileiro looking for forever home (SF, California)

Lara Loveman

New Member
Gisele is a bouncy, funny, big, giant, amazing puppy ball of happiness. She’s an 8 month old Fila Brasileiro, shown here with her sister Crystal. Gisele, like her sister and most Fila Brasileiros, can be wary of strangers at first, but warms up right away as soon as she gets to know you. She’s an odd balance of a mellow, soulful girl and an absolute wild child all mashed up into the sweetest, funniest dogs you’ll ever have the chance to meet. She is crate trained and well-mannered, and has been very well socialized with other dogs and people. She would do better outside of the urban environment.

Please read about the breed before applying. You could never hope to have a better friend in your whole life than a Fila Brasiliero, but they are a strong breed that can become protective as they mature, and might not be the right fit for everyone or every situation. But I can tell you this- every day you wake up and look into this girl’s golden honey warm-brown eyes will be the best day ever!

If you are interested in meeting Crystal, please contact Lara Loveman at 904 307 634 or lara.loveman@gmail.com.


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