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From “STOP IT!” to “Good pup!” – Problem Solving With Alternative Behaviors

Dr. Jen's Dog Blog

Well-Known Member
Hey there, gang. Today, it’s time for another installment of “problem solving at Dr. Jen’s house.” (For another example of this, see my previous post about my dog Clint, and his habit of launching himself at the TV. Still doing great with that, by the way!) Note that today’s post is not going to be especially profound or poetic. It may not change your life. Sometimes dog training *can* be profound and poetic, but sometimes it’s just finding a user-friendly...
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Elizabeth Balcomb

Well-Known Member
Thank you, this is really great. My 2 year old male cane corso has just started lunging at other dogs while out on walks. After reading this I am now using sticks and his squeaky soft toy to distract and play and he responds incredibly well..