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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Hector, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    As someone who bred them, and with all the tiny tank cleaning that requires, one thing you learn the hard way is to put a spare net over the sink drains so that when the damn fish makes a break for it you have a chance!
  2. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    I have to revive teh thread, I found my fish pictures!

    The tiny cichlids:

    IMGP0558.jpg IMGP0575.jpg IMGP0633.jpg IMGP0653.jpg IMGP0677.jpg
  3. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    Some of my bettas:

    green boys 391.jpg green boys 772.jpg green boys 1645.jpg page 322.jpg page 2546.jpg
  4. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    And some odds and ends:

    Scarlet Badis:

    Albino Corydoras Aeneus, baby and breeding group:
    IMGP0403.jpg IMGP0460.jpg IMGP0462.jpg
  5. LizB

    LizB Well-Known Member

    Gorgeous! I love them all! I am particularly fond of shellies and badis.
  6. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    The shellies were a blast. If I decide to set up tanks again I think I'll pretty much have to do them again.

    The Badis were cool. I had them in a tank with dwarf corys (of which I have only horribly blurry pictures that you can barely tell there's a fish in it).

    At various points I've had Angel fish (I had one bigger than my spread hand when we bought the house, but he didin't survive the move *sigh*), puffers, and all sorts of random fish here and there as they caught my eye.
  7. LizB

    LizB Well-Known Member

    Here's my figure-8 puffer, Otis. I can never get a clear shot of him because he is ALWAYS frantically moving. He's 7 or 8 years old now, in a brackish setup.

  8. Th0r

    Th0r Well-Known Member

    I would love to get a salt water tank at some point.

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  9. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member has been awhile. Loaches are dead, silver dollar rehomed, danios all ko'ed, and cichlid fry all disappeared. Male jewel that was paired with the female started aggressing towards her and nearly killed her. All she wanted to do was lay eggs lol. The only jewel that has a tank mate is the one with the female midas. I need to get a funny video of those two.

    Oh and Petco is having their $1/gal sale going till 7/16. It includes the 10G, 20G High and Long, 29G, 40G breeder and 55G tanks. We picked a 55 gal up today (only 55 gals left at the store we went to).

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