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Forum needs updating.


Well-Known Member
Site could do with being modernised so you can upload larger photo and video files from good quality phones. This is a relatively simple fix.


Well-Known Member
It needs life too, lol. Weirdly enough there hasn't been a post in days. Was thinking my post in the Dogo thread would trigger some life but it looks like it did the opposite.
Not really fixable, but damn.


New Member
Hello I am new here. I have a 11 1/2 month old female english mastiff puppy. Do you think I can take her off puppy food which she seems to hate at the moment and put her on large breed adult food?


Well-Known Member
You can switch to what ever food meets your dogs nutritional needs, raw food is best, but don't keep switching food because your dog is being picky alls that will happen is you'll condition your dog to being a picky eater.