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Discussion in 'Presa Canario' started by KevB, Aug 22, 2021.

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    Hi All,

    We are a first time owner of a presa and so far she has been fantastic.

    Not owning a presa before though we keep getting comments that she looks skinny. We've had staffordshires and other bull breeds so have seen them grow but this being a first time presa we don't know if she is too skinny or not.

    She is currently 17 weeks and weighs just over 21KG(46lb). What sort of weight should we expect? I know she's a pup and still got plenty of growing but the comments do have me worried even if a vet has said she is healthy. She just seems to be all legs and paws lol.
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    Can you post a pic of your pup, its always best to keep them lean as they are growing, lot less stress on there joints.
    They go through stages where they look leggy, then they look like there rear end is taller than the front.
    Enjoy your pup, they grow fast, ans welcome to the wonderful world of mastiffs.
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    My Bullmastiff was a small puppy. He was 11 pounds at 8 weeks but he grew steadily after that at 3 pounds a week. That means at 17 weeks he was approximately 38 pounds. At 20 months he is about 140 now and 27 inches tall and he's not fat.

    If your puppy is healthy that's the important thing. The size of her parents and grandparents is the best predictor of size. If her parents are leggy, she will be leggy too, but if they are not, she will most likely fill out.
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