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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Des, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Des

    Des New Member

    Hello all,
    New here. My husband and I have owned English Mastiffs for 14 years. Currently we are getting into the breeding process with our EM’s. Our female was in heat in early December. Our male and female had slip mating occur on the 26th and 28th of December (that we witnessed). Our female, Syren, had a bit of sickness on January 22nd-25th. Slowed down with her meals for a bit and picked back up the beginning of February. Since about the 5th of February her teats have swollen and enlarged. I took her to get a scan on the 10th of February and the vet said she is NOT pregnant. However her teats are still enlarging and now producing drops of milk/colostrum. It’s not all of her teats, just the four closest to her rear. She’s been very clingy also. Could this be a false pregnancy or a legit one? At times I feel like I’m grasping at straws because we are so excited to begin this journey. I just need some advice because I don’t want to go unprepared.
  2. Michele

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    What does your vet say as to why her teats are still enlarged and producing milk? It could be a false pregnancy, but I'm not a vet.
  3. Des

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    He said they feel fine, that’s about it. He wasn’t very helpful at all other than saying the scan showed she is not pregnant. I talked with a breeder friend of ours (she’s been breeding English mastiffs for 23 years) she said that there is still a chance because this breed is deep chested and sometimes they carry their litters under their ribs. She said she had a female that was told four times she wasn’t pregnant and she ended up having 12 puppies! Her nipples today are still large, turning very pink (not red or anything out of the norm) and she’s still dripping a bit of milk. She would be about 51 days today if she is pregnant, but when I place my hand on her tummy I feel no movement, but this could occur if she is carrying them high?
  4. Des

    Des New Member

    I would post a picture of her teats, but I can’t figure that out.

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