Fila breeders in Texas?

Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by iwannafila, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. iwannafila

    iwannafila Well-Known Member

    Kinda heartbroken ya'll. The Fila has EVERYTHING I'm looking for, but it sounds like the potential liabilities are more than I'm willing to take on. I am confident I could handle one, just that my old mother will not be able to. She already knows not to open the door to anyone. That would eliminate the dog getting away from her, because she wouldn't open the door. But, if a Fila will dive right through a glass window, that's a chance I can't take! Pretty down right now, but I know I'm making the right decision by looking at a different breed.
  2. mountainfila

    mountainfila Well-Known Member

    So then get a fila, you will not find another breed like them and you already know what they are all about, most filas you get a pretty stable temp, very trainable, very attentive to their owner, i say owner because they attach themselves to one person and thats it, even if there are other people living in the house, they just love that one person a little bit more then the others, so if its your dog and your mom is around the pup more then you , it will bond with her. If you take the pup out and about in the world then i dont think you will have a problem with them smashing through a window. I take mine everywhere so they know the world, they know how to read people, they react when its called for. If you keep your fila locked in the house or yard and never take it anywhere then yes the chances of them smashing a window is greater.

    I say get a fila, you wont be disappointed and unfortunately you cant just have one hahahahahaha its a fila sickness , it comes on as soon as you get your first one , sorry to break the bad news about that :lolbangtable:
  3. iwannafila

    iwannafila Well-Known Member

    Thank you mountainfila! Your response gives me hope! I think you could tell how badly I want a Fila! I still have a bit of time before I decide whether to take the plunge! We are going to wait until we move before we get another dog. Make sure I have a top notch fence, trainer for obedience set up, etc. I want to be totally prepared no matter which breed we choose. I have my heart set on a Fila because of the way they bond to their owners even more so than their protective nature. That's what drew me to this breed, and still has me hooked on them hopelessly!
  4. tojvan

    tojvan Well-Known Member

    No problem musicdeb, I just wanted to make sure that iwannafila knows what he or she is getting into. I know ill probably sound like a broken record, but getting a dog is a huge responsibility, your responsible for that animal for 10+ years. Depending on your decision those 10+ years can be a bliss or a constant struggle; so you have to make sure your decision is an informed one.
  5. phfamily

    phfamily New Member

    Hi, I am new to the forums. I too am doing research on the breed. The biggest concern with the breed seems to be liability issues. We grew up around pit bulls but it seems as much as we love the breed, they are not guard dog material. I want a breed that has natural protective instincts since I work nights. Only the wife and kids at home. I noticed while watching temperament test videos males seemed to be more aggressive. Is there an actual difference between female and male when it comes to protectiveness and hatred for strangers?
  6. angelbears

    angelbears Well-Known Member

    With limited experience I found the females to be real bitches and quick to fire off. On the other hand when a large male goes off, nothing but a delusional hyped-up on drugs idiot is going to try to get by one. Both are very protective and hate strangers. Note that strangers will also mean friends of your kids.
  7. spearchucker

    spearchucker Well-Known Member

    My male is the more aggressive of the two. The female is no slacker and will often be the one who alerts first. She will often then head back towards my wife and put herself facing the general direction of the threat....which is usually someone driving on the nearest dirt road.
  8. Christian Catalan

    Christian Catalan New Member

    I am in texas and wanted to breed my female 3 year old fila.

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