Emotional upset with moving house??

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Barrowmedic, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Barrowmedic

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    Èmotional upset with moving house??

    Hiya guys, just moved house, two days ago, and I guess I never factored messing with dexters equilibrium as in last 24 hours he has become sad flat, and toileting is like he had never been trained, he got up ran around in front of me peeing in crazy circles then went on to cry back on his bed, I've moved with my other dogs as pups yrs ago, and never had this prob, bless him, he is obviously an emotional thing, and his ying n yang is out of sorts, I feel awful for him, I'm trying to make it as it was before we moved with routine but he doesn't want to know, anyone had this prob before??


    Be safe.
  2. mx5055

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    Re: Èmotional upset with moving house??

    Oh yeah! Almost all my animals over the years have had various reactions to moves. They've all differed, but they've always expressed their displeasure very loudly and creatively. I think the worse one was the last one with my last older male boxer. He turned from a stable, mature, calm boy into a unruly, obnoxious, very vocal, breaking almost every rule ever set down nightmare. And, whenever I left to run some errands, and left him in his crate he howled like a banshee, and was still howling when I got back!! Luckily, it only lasted about 1 1/2 weeks (of which I ended up staying home 99% of the time....getting him use to the house, the neighborhood,etc.)....but, it was hell!! Good luck :)
  3. Seanndenise

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    Re: Èmotional upset with moving house??

    I just got moved into my place about 2.5 weeks ago.
    My pup had a couple weeks in the old place. He was kinda freeked out about all the stuff disappearing and us being in and out the door all the time.
    He doesn't like boxes or bags either, unless the bag has his food in it :)

    He is fine now, and he marked this place as his the first night he was here with a #1 and #2 in the front room.

    He's right at home.
  4. musicdeb

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    Re: Èmotional upset with moving house??

    Give him time, he's stressed. It takes humans and dogs a couple of weeks to get used to the new environment. Titan and I are moving next weekend, I'll be experiencing the stress with him.
  5. DDBsR4Me

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    Re: Èmotional upset with moving house??

    It's just going to take him some time to adjust. I'd try to keep his routine the same as much as possible and mare sure he has a quiet place he can go when he's overwhelmed.

    I was lucky when I moved to my current place that I got the keys a few weeks early, so I took my dogs over whenever I brought a box over or was cleaning, etc. It really helped with the transition.

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