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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by heather almeida, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. heather almeida

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    I have a 16 week old handsome boy who got his ears cropped a month and a half ago and his ears are still laying on his head some people say massage which I have been but should I be alarmed and what other advice does anyone have
  2. Richie

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    you could try this:

    Full disclosure: I tried and it didn't work for me. But it could be my fault. I tried several times without the glue each time the tape stayed on for a few days and I tried once with with the glue. The tape stayed on for about a week. The glue matted up hair on and around his ear. I got discouraged and stop trying My 7 month old CC has one ear up and the other laying on his head :(

    Left Ear Flop.jpg
    Left Ear Flop.jpg
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    I'm late to this, but I've got some experience with Doberman ears. Dobe ears have to be posted for a period of time from 7 months to a year or more. Of course, a short crop like on the Corso should be fewer months.

    Teething can, and usually does, cause ear droop or falling.

    I have never chosen to use adhesive. I've back-taped the backer rod. If you do use adhesive, Unisolve helps remove adhesive.

    I imagine Corso ear leather is thicker than that of most Dobes. Thick leather is more difficult to make stand.

    I would think that you just need to keep posting – at least until teething is over.
  4. Richie

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    Hi Heather

    I’m not sure if you are still lurking around, but I want to follow up on my last post. I was able to get my 8-month-old dog’s ear to stand.

    After being encouraged by BattleDax’s post, I decided to go back and refocus using the YouTube link I provided above.

    However, I modified the technique a little bit…. As I mentioned before I didn’t like the glue on and around the ears after taking the tape of…. As BattleDax stated there is adhesive remover that can be used to clean up the mess… however, what I changed was to apply the glue to the tape and then wrap his ear with the tape. The tape stayed on for a little over two weeks…

    In my earlier post, I provided a picture with the ear sitting on top of the head (“before”) here is an “after” picture so you can see the final result.

    So, don’t get discouraged, after dragging my feet for months, with my dog as late as 8 months old his other ear is standing

    I hope this helps

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  5. BattleDax

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    Oh, those ears look great! Congratulations on the success! Your Corso is very handsome!

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