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Donations Solicitations

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I, Vicki, have offered to pay the full amount of the server. There is no reason to "donate" to an entity that is actually making money.


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Thank you for the clarity, Vicki!

I felt Shon was to vague to be above board with what is really going on. PM me if I can help. I'm always looking for investment opportunities!


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Thank you for clarifying Vicki and let us know if there is something that we can help with. We all value this board and the advise and relationships we have made on here.


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If you don't mind my asking, who's the hosting company and how much server space, ect, does the board use?

Bailey's Mom

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I am new to the forum so I don't know the ins and outs of the web situation.
Since the Forum doesn't sell anything or ask for membership fees it must make money by users "clicking" on other sites that are advertising here.
I really want the site to continue as I have found immense amounts of info, and I'm sure it has saved me 100's of dollars in vet bills already.
I also expect any donation requests would come from you or another administrator: correct?
Oh, and thank you very much for interceding on all our behalfs.


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I have just donated money, should I have not done so and should I cancel it if I can?


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I'm not donating until there is more transparency. A successful forum can bring in decent money.

I own and operate an American Mastiff forum with over 1100 members and over 102k posts. My forum doesn't make a dime.

Would *love* to know how to at least make enough to support the costs of running the forum without charging membership fees.


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I am seriously confused. So this dispute is between Vicki & Shon? If so then I get it now. The post on FB had me concerned that there was something else going on that I wasn't reading.

I'm like the others, if donations are required, I will donate when there are more answers to our questions.


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Yea my main buggy forum we have no sponsors. The owner of joomgo loves offroading and built him and his buddies a club house so to speak. The only add on that site will be people who actually ride with us and we trust as personal friends. And they dont have to pay.

The other sites dont have alot of junk add space really. They more or less pay to be able to post deals and the like on the site. Considered forum vendors. Then they have a forum section for those sponsors.

Heres a good site called pirate. This is their vendors market place. If you build anything from steel, chances are theres a awesome deal inside there you would love to snag. Mostly for site members only



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I stupidly donated $20. Wasn't there previously an advertising banner where the solicitation is? Does that mean that ad revenue is being lose while that is up?


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The solicitation is at the top of the page in yellow. I'm sorry you contributed. Others are asking for the money returned.


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Banner gone now. I added the link to my dispute, does PP remove the link then or did Vicki or Shon remove it?
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