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Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by Asfad, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Asfad

    Asfad Well-Known Member

    I know that dogo's are pretty good hunter's.They are also in the list of top pit fighting dogs.How they compete against other molosser breeds in guarding department?I never owned one and want to know from a dogo owner.And can they compete in bite work?
  2. fila4me

    fila4me Well-Known Member

    well, I have only had my Dogos along with my Filas. the two breeds together make a very good team. the Dogo's bark when necessary,very rare for them to be a barky dog. I knew when the Dogos alerted I needed to check it out. they are fearless and do not get spooked easy. many times my Filas and Dogos crept across my yard and have protected me. whether it be 2 or 4 legged trespassing.

    had a drunk one time attempting to enter my home at 3am and the dogs never barked. my Dogo Paco was hovering over me in my bed growling and my FIla Icca was laying next to be growling, very low but very scary! I slid out of bed and went down the stairs and could hear someone trying the handle in an attempt to open it. all of my dogs were with me and amazingly enough all were very quiet,but growling. I turned on the porch light and the guy yelled, which in turn made the dogs go CRAZY!!! they were head butting the 2 windows that were visible from the porch. the guy took off running! it was very funny.

    Dogos do excel in French RIng and also well in Schutzhund. they are a versatile breed and with their loyalty and bravery are an awesome protector.
  3. Primehns

    Primehns Well-Known Member

    Fila4me, are you dogo's high drive, as in no off leash times at the park? Do they guard as well as a dog such as a Rottweiler? How big do the males often get, it seems like the info online is all over the place, i'm guessing 80-100 pounds? Do you have any pictures of your Dogo's?
  4. fila4me

    fila4me Well-Known Member

    they would kill anything that entered my yard, but could go off leash. my breeder was also a dog trainer in Hungary and then in the military and in the states he trained police dogs. so, an obedient dog was of the utmost importance. my dogs were impeccably trained. I believe they are better than a Rottweiler(my opinion), my breeder also had Rottweilers. my 1st male was very tall at 28 1/2 inches at the withers and 136lbs of solid muscle,I had lots of land and he was constantly surveying some part of it. My other males were about 110 -115lbs on average. SUNP0007.jpg 6f52a7e9.jpg 395076_10200212323613514_983880162_n.jpg bill.jpg blanca.jpg
  5. Asfad

    Asfad Well-Known Member

    male dogos averegly weights between 110 to 120 lbs.But rotts are more intimidating looking.
  6. fila4me

    fila4me Well-Known Member

    I don't know, he is pretty intimidating to me!!!! fierce.jpg
  7. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 Well-Known Member

    The one to Rottweiler scale for guarding is flawed there are better

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  8. Duetsche_Doggen

    Duetsche_Doggen Well-Known Member

    Why do people insist on taking dogs out of their "element?" Then they sit back and wonder why a breed is "poor" as a hold.....
  9. Dogdragoness

    Dogdragoness Banned

    I looked at the dogo a while back , by could not find a worthy breeder in my state (Texas) :(
  10. Asfad

    Asfad Well-Known Member

    I would strongly recommend dogos to only experienced dog owners.They are not suitable for all and they are more energetic than most other molosser you have to spent more time with them to properly use that energy.
  11. Asfad

    Asfad Well-Known Member

    Yeah they doesn't seem to be a threat before they charge at you.They look more of a lap dog,sweet,beautiful,playful.But when they turn into attack mode they are more dangerous than most other dogs.I know what they can do to other animals if not properly socialised.
  12. Savage

    Savage Well-Known Member

    My Dogo is a amazing protector . The other day a car was out of place in my complexes parkinlot and it was a guy jus gettin drunk in his car. Savage was barking at the car before we got near it cause he somehow knew it didn't.belong. yesterday me and my g.f and baby were at the.park an some creepy dude on a bike stopped not far from my gf cause he dropped something but savage went Into.his alert stance with his back legs stretched ready to run towards em if I let him go.If I'm not home he's relax when I touch the door handle to.come in but if everyones home an.the doors bein touched he growls so he's really smart an protective
  13. el gato diablo

    el gato diablo Well-Known Member

    Working lines are bred for catch work...Schutzhund type bite work is pretty much the same thing to the dog. They should be stellar with bite work provided they are from 'drivey' stock. Personally, buying a 2000$ dogo (or any working breed for that matter) that is bred just to look pretty is mind-boggling to me...go get working stock if you want bite/catch drive, the guarding will come along with that in Dogos.
  14. Asfad

    Asfad Well-Known Member

    Seems like he is ultra protective of you and your family.
  15. Asfad

    Asfad Well-Known Member

    Currently using my presa in bite training and he is much powerful than any other dog me and the trainer has ever seen.He have never trained a presa before.
  16. Savage

    Savage Well-Known Member

    Dogos were bread to have there lower teeth between the k9 teeth to be straight across where other dogs are rounded like how a bowl dips . They did this so they have more surface to use to hold on to prey makin a great bite force so there great hunters and an be used for guard
  17. Asfad

    Asfad Well-Known Member

    well that's a helpful information.I will keep it mind when I get my next dog.

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