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  1. Ok I found out about the cane corso just a few months ago when I came across two breeders that had what they call old school lines. I was looking for a breed that could run with the hounds as a catch dog on predators which around here means fox coyote and bobcats and could also be a guard dog around the house.

    Now the parts I was having believing was the breeders claiming that both of them had dogs that had caught game like that and one said one of her females had even run down and killed a deer
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    Well, that is what a Corso is supposed to be as far as I know.

    The Cane Corso is one of the smaller, most athletic of the Mastiffs. It was meant to work on the farm.

    I don't have any direct experience with the breed yet. This is just what I've read.

    Now, as far as finding the lines you want: That will take research and digging. The breed varies so much, and is in "rehab." You see some lines that look somewhat like Neopolitian Mastiffs. You see some that are big boned and "rustic," weighing in at like 130 lbs. for the males. You see some smaller and more athletic – some of which show hints of Boxer.

    I do not see a 130+ lb. Corso running down a deer, no, nor having the drives to do so. They look killer though.
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    My middle corso is 142lb, very tall and lean, high prey drive, and when he runs iv never seen a faster dog, i cant give you an example of deer ect im in the uk, not allowed. I can say he can easily take a 15 stone plus man down.
    Loyal family pet, great with people he knows, aloof with strangers,excellent gaurding.
    The other 2 hasnt got his prey drive, but excellent with family, not aloof with strangers, my eldest busdcuss is dog agressive with dogs he doesnt know, which is a trait with the breed.
    A lot of the ccs i see now and how they are just doesnt ring true to the breed, not in look or traits. Just my opinion.
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  4. Cool guys thanks. I was just surprised that a dog as big as they seem to be could move that fast
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    My female corso has caught deer, rabbits, mice, lots of groundhogs, but we have a fox on the property she can't quite catch up to. She is surprisingly fast for a dog so large and has very high prey drive. She now wears a bear bell and a light for our night walks to give the wildlife a chance. I appreciate her driving them off the property, but I worry about a deer injuring my dogs. My male is larger and slower. I don't see the larger corsos (120+lbs) being able to do what you want.
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    Also, depending on where you live, they are not very heat tolerant.
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  7. Cool thank you
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    Your not going to want too much bulk, to keep speed and stamina.. The heavy dogs will likely wear before they're lighter counter parts.. Most catch dogs are bull dogs of the pit nature, but you know that.. I gather your from the states, OK here but been around.. They ran a lot of hound dogs when we lived in Dixie county FL.. TX/ LA run a fair amount of catch dogs on hogs, I'll guess at mostly bull dog type of the local creation..
    I've not heard of running a catch dog for the type predator you mentioned, I think the English ran beagles on fox IIRC.. Around here a prone position and rabbit distress get the yotes and bobcats.. Glad you found the CCs, if you end up with 1 please post some puppy pictures..
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    I do protection training with my Corsos. They are Extremely strong !! I live in Texas so I have to give several " Heat" breaks... they are very quick. I HIGHLY doubt the majority of Corsos could catch a deer. They are more suited for wild hogs... NOT deer. If I were looking for a dog to POSSIBLY catch deer, bobcats, hogs ect.... The old school Corso lines are basically bigger and heavier bc they have been cut with Neopalitain Mastiff. The thinner or taller Corsos have generally been cut with Boxer, or Great Dane which makes them more athletic.....BUT ...I would probably go with a Dogo Argentino.
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    BINGO, as Patrick suggested that is the dog you seek.. Dogo Argentino, Do some googling and you'll see for yourself..
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