Coronavirus / Covis-19 situation where you are ?

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by sadhbhsdad, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. sadhbhsdad

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    Hi All,
    Just wondering how you are all coping / dealing with the current situation.
    What restrictions are you under ?

    In Ireland we are in a sort of lockdown (our government does not like the phrase LOCKDOWN !)
    Most work places closed on Friday apart from those deemed essential by the government.
    I am lucky and am now working from home, others have been laid off or forced to take holidays.

    We are restricted to our homes, only allowed out to shop for food buy medicine and to attend any medical appointments and must observe 2m social distancing when out.
    We are only allowed out to exercise ourselves and dogs within a 2km radius of our home (no getting into the car and driving to the nice beach or mountain trail to exercise)
    At least I have a back garden for the kids and dog to play in, I couldn't imagine being confined to an apartment with kids and dog !!!

    Hope you all keep safe and get through this challenging time in one piece.
  2. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm in Northwest Indiana, just outside of Chicago. Too close to Chicago for comfort. We're under a stay at home order, but people don't seem to care. My husband is able to mostly work from home, only going in to the office a couple of times a week and he's largely by himself. My youngest daughter, who's living at home again, is a vet tech/behavior tech/dog trainer. Her clinic is still open and still doing routine appointments. The vets and receptionists stay inside. The clients call from outside and the techs go out to get the pets and bring them back out. Which puts my daughter at high risk. My oldest daughter is in Billings, Montana. Her husband is a first year resident and that puts him on the front line in the biggest city in the state with the biggest hospital.

    I have a high risk family. My husband has several issues that put him in the very high mortality risk category. Both of my children are type 1 diabetics which puts them at a very high risk as well. My oldest daughter has a 3 month old baby. My son-in-law may have to work the dedicated Covid clinic. Hopefully he can take hours elsewhere due to having a high risk wife and a young son at home. It's a scary time.

    Everyone stay safe.
  3. timmy59

    timmy59 Well-Known Member

    Get up and go to work 5 days a week, VERY GRATEFUL.. Come the weekend its outside working and or playing.. The farm life is a wonderful way of life, 20190704_200358.jpg our daughter honing her skills...
  4. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Super Moderator

    We are mostly all in Stage 3 recovery in Ontario with only 2 places still stuck in Stage 2 (Windsor and Niagara, I believe), but our numbers need to be 1/10th what they are for us to go to Stage 4. Biggest problem here, as with most places in the States is the young people who feel that don't have to wear masks, distance or isolate and want to party hardy. One off the hook party in Brampton, I think it was, with 200 people, well, they are throwing the book at the organizers and the fines could top 100,000 Canadian dollars. These entitled, selfish, young people just roll the dice on everyone else's lives.

    I have been able, except when sick (2X) and except when husband was told to self-isolate, which forced me to isolate again for a 3rd time, I have been able to work, though the lingering effects of Covid have left me exhausted to the point of dropping like the dead into my bed after only two shifts. I am only now going up to three shifts a week, and I doubt if I'll be able to return to more. I come home whipped. I've never felt like this before.

    Initially, we did the whole stay at home for two weeks thing, allowed out for the doctor/grocery/walk the dog or personal exercise one time a day. It was eerie one anywhere. No one in the playgrounds or walking paths, no one on the roads. It was difficult but worth it, we were able to move quickly to reopen and the economy didn't stall, but part of that was the wage replacement programs that were put in place to keep everyone's head above water. We were able to apply for $2,000 each a month if you couldn't work or if you lost a substantial amount of your work, and businesses were able to apply for funds to keep their employees on the books and paid so that their businesses didn't go under. The Canadian government really came through for the people. Thank God for them! Other countries have had it much worse. We have avoided a recession (for now) though we haven't faced the 2nd wave yet, which will coincide with the Flu season.

    So, my friends, Mask Up, Glove Up, Distance Up, and Isolate if you or anyone in your immediate circle is sick.

  5. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Timmy59, I'll say it again. I'm jealous. I think you're way of life would suit me fine.
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  6. DavidMcNair

    DavidMcNair New Member

    I hope that COVID 19 leaves us soon because it makes our lives so tough( During the lockdown, lots of people are left without job, and small business owners who aren't still online, looking for opportunities to continue running their business. Nobody'd want to bankrupt.
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  7. Michele

    Michele Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm in NYC and it's crazy here with the looters and rioters. I just went back to work after six months. I'm working two days in the city and the rest at home.
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  8. timmy59

    timmy59 Well-Known Member

    So another words your in one of the many chit holes created by the one stoooopid side.. God help us all, we have the virus pandemic , and the stupid pandemic who are anxious to see America flushed down the toilet..
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  9. Michele

    Michele Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, you said it perfectly. Across the street from where I work is a hotel, which has been converted to a homeless shelter. It's not a pretty sight and it's a little unsettling.
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  10. timmy59

    timmy59 Well-Known Member

    You know I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the love of my dog and animals.. But like the rest of you there is a whole lot more of life then our dogs.. Please watch this and if you feel it worthy please spread it around.. Thank you.. Tim..
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  11. timmy59

    timmy59 Well-Known Member

  12. Michele

    Michele Super Moderator Staff Member

    How is everyone doing ?
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  13. timmy59

    timmy59 Well-Known Member

    The wife, 57 and me 61 both caught it, it wasn't bad to start but we had to pay particular attention to making sure our lungs were kept clear..
    Lots of vitamins, all directed at the immune system, $100+ spent on elderberry products, alka seltzers and EXpectorants.. We're on the mend now.. This was/ is a TEST of control by the elite 1% so look forward to more control being implemented.. LOTS of talk of the reset so IMO we're going to be in for some ugly times..
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  14. Michele

    Michele Super Moderator Staff Member

    Glad you are feeling better. I also take elderberry, along with vitamin C, zinc and airborne.
  15. timmy59

    timmy59 Well-Known Member

    The airborne elderberry chewables are yummy, If'n you don't get lots of sunshine you might give thought to adding some vit D to the routine..
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  16. Michele

    Michele Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yes...forgot about the Vitamin D. I take that too. And B12
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  17. timmy59

    timmy59 Well-Known Member

    I see the above video has been removed.. The 1st amendment is being stomped on by those who control the majority of the media.. Propaganda has increased 10 fold.. We're circling the drain and if your not elderly your in for some exciting times..

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