Cora's TPLO Recovery - 5 Weeks Post-Op

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    IMG_2538.JPG Tomorrow will mark 5 weeks since Cora's TPLO surgery. She is doing very well.

    The first two weeks were extremely hard and exhausting. She needed a harness for her belly for when she went outside so I could hold her up. It was as hard for her to go to the bathroom, for I'm sure squatting wasn't an easy task.

    At almost two weeks, her stitches were removed and we were instructed to stop using the harness and to let her start putting weight on her leg. We were also given some PT exercises to do for her once a day. But, we still had to keep her confined for another two weeks. We had been keeping her in one of our bathrooms with her bed and bowls with a baby gate up.

    On week four, I went to Runnings and bought two 5x9 area rugs for our living room. I duct taped the bottom of them to make one big rug. And then, she was free to have the living room!! I keep her and her big brother separated (she likes to antagonize him) because she is still on limited activity. Meaning no jumping, running, twisting or tug. She is finally eating out of her bowl all by herself.

    Needless to say, we are all happy she is on the mend. She is going for short walks now and she's using all four legs at probably 50%.

    I'm sharing a pic of the day she came out of the bathroom. The look on her face...the happiness brought tears to my eyes.

    Oh, and the clicking sound stopped shortly after he stitches were removed!!
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    What a beautiful smile. Yes, she was very happy to get loose. What a good Mom. Kudos to you for being her strength.
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  3. Courtney H

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    I'd do anything for my babies! :)
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    Yeah! Freedom! :)
    Such a pretty smile.
    Glad things are going well!

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