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Discussion in 'English Mastiff' started by Wine4me, Sep 8, 2021.

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    I'm a new owner of an English Mastiff. I've always owned and raised Rotties but, I fell in love with this breed. However, I'm not overly knowledgeable of what I should have expected selecting a puppy on regards to size.

    The puppy and environment were clean. Parents good temper and Dad 220 lbs and Mom 185 lbs. Puppy's coat soft, teeth, ears eyes all looked healthy. The puppy and his other 2 litter mates all playful. He was 14 1/2 weeks and looked thin but not sickly and I assumed that he was going through his odd ball growth spurt of being tall, huge feet and thus a little thin and lanky. As he'was chunky from the posted pictures and videos 2 weeks prior. I assumed he was normal weight and the owners said he was normal size.

    I took him to his 1st vet visit today and he was only 29 lbs. He visibly was a little taller in just a week. The vet said he measuresd and his teeth were more in line of 14 weeks and he would be 16 weeks today per the owner and AKC registration. He was healthy and looked fine to the vet no visible health concerns.

    I researched after the visit and saw the puppy growth chart for English Mastiffs and my pup is almost half the average weight of males. Should I be concerned? I will love him regardless but, wonder if he will even be close to the average weight of his breed. I have no intent to breed or show. I guess I was expecting my puppy to be close to 200 lbs judging by parents. Is there any hope of That?

    He eats 3 times a day. High calorie all meat kibble Taste of the Wild. He isn't an aggressive eater and never finishes his bowl of 1 1/2 cups of food. I thought about adding gravy, high quality can food or mix with raw.

    Of all the research I did on this beautiful breed I never once thought to look at the growth chart. He was not the runt of the litter and of the 3 left he was the medium sized one.
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    This is a picture of Deuce I'm sorry I didn't attach with post.

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    Welcome to the forum and the wonderful mastiffs.
    I also had rotties before switching to cane corsos.
    Youve seen both parents, you were satisfied with the environment. Youve had your pup vet checked.
    I wouldnt worry about the weight, your pup looks healthy, a slow and steady growth is far better on the joints. The pup will only eat whats needed so id stick to how you are feeding for now, if she eats more than she needs she will just get overweight or have runny poo. And once you start adding they can get very fussy.
    They have growth spirts so she may eat more at times. So i wouldnt worry.
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    Thank you so much for the advice Glen. He is a wonder puppy. I'll just enjoy watching and guiding him to grow into a well balanced dog.
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    Your welcome, i worried when i got my first cc, i knew how to look at a rottie and knew he was ok, budcuss grew different, he had fear stages which none of my rotties had, but when i got my 2nd i was more relaxed, each one is different, my eldest 2 are brothers 18 months apart, both grew different, gandalf was slower growing but grew until he was 3 and got a lot bigger dog.
    Im in the uk, i feed eden which is very similar to your food, and i give raw bone,
    Enjoy your pup, blink and the puppy stage as gone,
    If i can help please just ask

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