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Compatibility of tm with chug


New Member
I don't plan to buy my tibetan for quite a while since I still have over 6 years of schooling left, but I would like to know now if anybody could help me with the compatibility of the breed. I already have a chug (chihuahua pug mix, definitely at least 90% chihuahua) who is 11 months old and will more than likely be alive still when I do buy/rent my first house to prepare for the mastiff. I was just wondering if there would be any issues with the 2 breeds living together, would my chug have life-threatening encounters with the new puppy? She'd probably be an older dog by then, would her fragility provoke a TM to nip? I am pretty sure that I'm going to be purchasing a male TM, would the gender have any effect on the compatibility as well? thank-you.