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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Lisa333, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. Lisa333

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    Hey guys,

    I have a male puppy who had his ears done almost 4 weeks ago. The vet said we didn't have to post afterwards but his ears aren't standing properly. The one is flopping over his head (I think its a called a crease) and the other isnt far enough up. We tried posting for the last week with molefoam and tape (the right ear was flat against his head so i guess it helped a little). his ears look a little sore from the tape. Wondering if you guys think we should leave it and it will correct itself or should we try the tapeless method for posting (the ziptie with some sort of skin glue). Im super worried im running out of time to correct them.

    here's a picture of our little brutus. :)
  2. Lisa333

    Lisa333 New Member

  3. Boxergirl

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    How old is he? Ears do ridiculous things when they're teething and it's almost always temporary. I've heard that most CC owners don't have to post and do well with just massage. I don't know that from personal experience though. I only know about long crops that have to be posted. Boxer girl here, lol.
  4. Lisa333

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    He’s only three months so I don’t believe he’s teething. He has the show crop so it is a longer crop but not the longest you can get. I’ll probably post the one just in case. :)
  5. Boxergirl

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    Ah. I see. Well expect things to go wonky again when he's teething. A lot depends on the bell shape of the ear and the ear leather itself for the longer crops. In my experience, at least. Good luck. You'll need to post lots of pictures. You know ... so we can see how he's doing. And to give us our puppy fix.
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    Nothing to add here except that you have an adorable and handsome pup.
  7. Patrick

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    I had my girl Xena's ears done on week 12.... she a semi tape job... her ears were propped up from the inside. I was told not to worry if they fall out... 3 days later they fell
    Xena's ears are just fine... at one point they laid on her head !!! Now they stand alone and when she is really paying attention they are extremely sharp..... Hopefully you will experience the same...

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