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Cane corso ear cropping


New Member
Hey guys I'm new here to the forum..I have a couple questions and concerns and looking for some help and or advice. My Cane Corso Puppy had her ears cropped at 13 weeks by a local veterinarian hospital so I would assume with professional doctors and staff things would be good. Also while doing reasearch I seen alot a good reviews in the cropping subject. But idk I feel these people let us down and ruined my dogs ears. Now it took a lot to convince my wife in letting me crop Nala's ears and man I feel like I f###ed up. We did everything by the book they gave us meds and instructions for care and we did everything perfect and one which I think will look better in time in the scars on each ear and the biggest issue is they told us to keep her cone on the full 2 weeks b4 stitches came out..

First let me say how it went down. First we went in at 10 weeks and they did a exam and we were cleared to have the surgery a week later well that got pushed back another week due to the doctor. So at 12 weeks we had her ears done. I picked her up the next morning and all was great. She was happy and she had the ears posted and a medical cone on. On 3 days she had a check up and they said all wad looking great and they removed the posts and said with a short crop the posts arnt needed and we just took their advice and knowledge. Well she was due to come in after 2 weeks to remove the stitches and cone and that's what we did. The pup slept with us so that she had room to move with her cone and oh ya within a week b4 her removal of stitches. I noticed the cone was pushing her ears backwards like a flat hat..I called and rushed her in and they said it's normal and the ears will pop up well I was relieved. Ya to my dismay she is now 2 months later and 2 more visits to have her ears posted I'm still seeing no results..her ears look so silly and are now irritated from the posting and cone and posting and cone..it's so frustrating cuz I should of just not done anything. But I really thought it was gonna be good for her and easy for us and it's been everything but that..does anyone know what I can do or should do to help her..is it their fault or is there a different procedure I can do for her..she cannot go through life with flat ears on top her head. I feel so bad and will never do this again but I don't want a lecture hownits good or bad for dogs..I know the pros and Cons I did tons a reasearch b4 hand..I just need help fixing her ears...

I'll attach a recent photo (when I get a smaller file to upload) of her along with a photo of how her ears were which I should of just left and had cute floppy ears..


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