Buyer Beware: Inferno Filas, Spokane WA

Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by flonk00, Apr 17, 2020.

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    They have bred multiple litters without having any OFA testing done on either of the parents, and actually seemed surprised when I asked if they had hip/elbow x-rays, to which they replied "not yet". This is their second litter with the same dam and sire but perhaps they just couldn't be bothered to get any testing done considering they had no problem selling the entire first litter without it. In a conversation where I asked her why she has been breeding without testing any of her dogs she said;

    "I definitely love this breed and don’t want to breed unhealthy dogs to diminish the standards"

    They charge $1300 USD per puppy. This is a backyard breeder trying to make a quick buck and who doesn't care about the dogs they produce, the breed as a whole, or their customers.

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