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Bullmastiff Growth Chart


Active Member
I have a question. How much did your Bullmastiffs grow in height after age of 1. My boy had parvo so hes a little behind. I'm just wondering if will will get any taller? Thanks!

Joao M

Well-Known Member
I cannot totally answer your question because my boy is still 9 months but from what I´ve read it is not likely that the grow much in heigh after 1y.o.

Getting back to the chart:
Lomu - 9 months and 44,5kgs (98 lbs)


Well-Known Member
Lillie has not grown in height after turning a year old, at least not enough to notice. She's still getting bigger and gaining muscle and bone. She's about 90 pounds now at 15 months. I don't think she'll get as big as her mom and her sisters... they are all about 116 pounds. I just can't see her gaining 26 pounds, I think she'll probably top out at about 100 pounds.


New Member
My bullmastiff weighed 92 lbs at 7 months and today he is 13 months and still weighs the same. Has anyone else experienced super growth up to 7-8 months and then a long plateau like this? He does not look too skinny, the Vet says his weight is perfect but this seems odd to me. Thanks in advance. I haven't figured out how to upload a picture yet!

Loverboy Skyline

Well-Known Member
There's a lot of variation in growth patterns. You'll have huge babies that are 50+ pounds at 3 months then level off at 8 months and you have some that start smaller and keep on growing past a year.

My BM puppy was only 11.5 pounds at 8 wks and grew steadily about 3 pounds a week after that. At the vet's office he weighed 56 pounds at 4.5 months and 87 pounds at 6.5 months. He is 8 months old now. I measured him at 26 inches, just an inch shy of the top of the standard. I'm guessing he is between 100-110 pounds now. He definitely grew in the last month, but he could be slowing down now. His dad was 27.5 inches and 130 pounds (very solid). His mom was 125 pounds.


Active Member
Week 8 - 22lb
Week 9 - 25.2lb
Week 10 - 27.6lb
Week 11 - 31.8lb


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