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Boo coming up to 20 months 43kg first mastiff I’ve had can I expect anymore growth from her or will she just fill out now


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I've never had a DDB, but from my experience with other mastiff breeds I would expect head growth and filling out from about years 2-3 with little to no growth in height. Remember, weight does not mean muscle. Disregard the number on the scale and go by body condition. There are charts that can help you with that.


New Member
Wow, what a beautiful dog! My first DDB just turned 18 weeks and is 43lbs (19.5kg), ironically! When I had an English Mastiff I found that he filled out a lot after he turned 2 years but didn't get taller so I'd imagine that it's similar with DDBs.


Thanks for the reply’s guys 😃I must say I am hooked on mastiffs completely different to the dogs I’ve had in the past