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Boerboel brings me a gift.


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Daisy needed to “go” at 2 am. I think the kids forgot to take her out one last time before bed. As she was about to make her way back to the door her nose caught wind of something and she was pouncing all through the yard. I let her back in and those darn mastiff lips hide EVERYTHING. I spotted a small tail hanging from the side of her mouth. Ugh!! Daisy caught a roof rat and desperately wanted to give it to me. Prey drive is definitely there for her. The squirrels drive her crazy too. She’ll be 9 months in 2 weeks and is a solid 118. We’ve asked her to stop growing. Ha! Hope all is well with everyone’s pups!


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Hahahaha. I bet she was so proud of herself! She's a beautiful girl. I love seeing pictures of her.