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Boerboel 8 months


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Hi All-
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Love seeing all the Mastiff pics and reading all the great advice on the forum. Having Large dogs my entire life (Dobermans, black mouth curs) I must admit- owning a Mastiff and in particular a Boerboel is a different experience. It’s nice to read similar behavior issues, growth spurts etc. Our girl, Daisy is 8 months old. She weighed in at 115 lbs. Extreme Velcro. Like I’ve NEVER seen with any of my dogs in the past. She is slowly losing her “timid” stage and is growing into a natural guard dog with incredible strength. Stubbornness is still an issue at times. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a big game to her. It can be frustrating especially if we are in a hurry to get her moving. Boerboel!
Hope everyone is well. Please keep the info and pics coming.


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Absolutely beautiful Dstack, Prior to our new pup we had 2 boerboels and I don't recall any real issue.. The female pee'd in the house 1 time and was house broke.. Our male was a bit goofy, mostly with the wife as her giggle egg'd him on.. Both were awesome around the farm critters although it took the male a few more reminders.. They received no training other than the knots I put upside they're head.. They always exceeded our expectations and I hope both our pups turn out to be what we had in the 2 we had.. PS I had to turn my phone 90 degrees to get my pictures right.. Looking Good, keep the pics a coming..