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Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by Hector, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. JamieHalverson

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    Update - been on the bike every day and ya, rusty and wobbly don't even begin to describe, lol, even as wary as I was I am surprised. But it's much better even today. The bike tow leash came today so I hooked Yogi up and we rode for about a block or 2 and turned around and came back. He was a dream, couldn't even feel him!

    My problem is riding slowly enough for him. It's really easy to go way too fast. I'll probably try Lillie out later today after seeing how easy it was with Yogi. Neither of my dogs are at all reactive, so no worries there. Yogi gets a little excited about other dogs, but I think on the bike he's so focused on keeping pace because there's just no other choice. It will be some time before I take them together!
  2. Hector

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    Man I wish Hector was a dream lol. Other than the banshee noises, he is good on a bike. In order for the banshee noises to be suppressed, he has to be running and if he runs for about a mile, he's winded lol. So if I wanted to keep going, the whole neighborhood has to listen to his sirens. Omg, they sound like sirens!! Can you please show some pics. Been waiting on pics.
  3. JamieHalverson

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    I will definitely post some pics; I'll have my kid take some and maybe even a video! He was kind of like what the heck is going on right now? But took right to it!

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    Usually that's what a lot of dogs do, just go with the flow. Except HECTOR.
  5. JamieHalverson

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    So I got this thing months ago, but I didn't love the bike I got. Just traded it in for something a little more rugged and that fits me better. We've been practicing on some very short rides, but just took Lillie for our first long ride, which actually was not that long, it's all relative...

    Here's just a little bit of Lillie and the bike tow leash. It was awesome, we have to go pretty slow cause it's a paved path and on a Sat afternoon was very busy, she tried to meet people we passed but couldn't and it was really easy to give her a "nope, lets go!" and keep biking. She didn't hang back like she was getting tired at all, kept pulling ahead when we started off from a break every time!

    Bike tow leash - YouTube
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    I bought one several months ago, haven't used it yet though. I plan on suing with Bruno lots when he gets older! :)

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