Bella's having issues walking

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by Sheila Braund, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    hi guys, I know I've been MIA.... having a string of bad things going on.... this last one have me very scared.... Bella's having issues walking... at first I thought it was just the one back leg.... I have her set for x-rays Thursday.... that was the soonest we could get her in as they want to tranquilize Bella for the X-ray... Bella will seem ok one day then the next she can't put any weight on her one hind leg.... then will be fine for a couple days then it's her other back leg that she can put any weight on it.... this last week has been bad... I had to carry her into the house 2 nights in a row....
  2. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to hear this. Hopefully it is something that is easy to fix.
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  3. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Oh yikes.

    I think I read about Lyme disease causing rotating limb lameness... you might want to ask the vet about getting a tick panel done. Those buggers have been out in force this year! :(

    I hope they find something they can get her treated for and back to her happy self, pronto!! Sending healing thoughts!!
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  4. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Lyme disease! I would have never thought about that.... I’ve never found a tick on her or Sunny.... Yes that’s a great idea.... that would make a lot of sense! Thank you! We’ll be checking that out for sure!
  5. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Ok update on Bella, her X-rays show nothing....looks just like her first set I had done for hip certification..... and we are sending these out to be hip certified also.... it's just a little extra money that's worth the vet did notice that both her back knees seem to have a lot of movement.... she believes Bella has tore ligaments in both knees..... she's reaching out to another vet that deals with large breeds all the time.... so for now I have Bella on pain medication from the vets to see if that helps...I've been told to keep her exercising to a minimal.
    Bella is doing his strange thing too....just wondering if anyone else has seen this....she will be standing and she arches her back like she's stretching it or something.... I'll try to get a video of it tomorrow....

    No word yet on Lyme disease
  6. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    did they xray her back and abdomen ?
  7. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Yes, what Marke said. In my experience, arching the back is usually a sign of pain. If they didn't xray her abdomen, back, and neck I'd want to have that done. My Al's issue was at the upper portion of the spine and it affected his back legs first. Well, that we could see.
  8. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Yes they xrayed her whole spine.... it wasn't a cheap vet bill....but for all the X-rays it was cheap.
    And now she has this boil....I'm going to put warm/hot compresses on it tonight and try to get it to break on its own....and back to the vets we go again's like between her upper knuckle on her webbing.
    It's the size of a large grape....I would just lance it and drain it but with everything else that's going on with her, I'm afraid of it not being just a boil.
    I'm trying to post a picture of it but I keep getting an error message stating it doesn't have the correct extension.... I'll try with my phone.
  9. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Ok so the Specialest says it's she's torn acl in both legs.... one side is worse then others....I'm told boils on the front paws is comman with rear leg injuries as the dog is shifting most of her weight one the front. My options are surgery on the worst leg first. Then the next after the first one is healed. Estimates per leg just for the surgery $3000.00 or course the Specialest wants more X-rays ....that's another $500 before each surgery..... I've talked to my traveling girl.... she says I can buy braces and keep her resting for 6 to 8 weeks..... no more play dates with Dozer for about 6 months. ..... putting in an order for the braces first for traveling vet said I would need these anyways if she has her surgery just until she heals. I wonder if I can get them in pink?
    So no more going out the door without a leash on..... she to try to have as little movement in the knees as possible
  10. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    If you are looking for more information/support there is a group on Facebook called Orthodogs that has a bunch of people whose dogs have that injury. I joined when Kryten was diagnosed with his elbow dysplasia. They do seem to lean towards the surgical repair but there are some that have gone the CM route.
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  11. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Super Moderator

    I'm so sorry. I guess we never know. I'm sending you cyber hugs and I hope that she is helped by the braces and the treatments. I've been down this road with the Rottie...both legs. Poor baby...Poor Mommy!
  12. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    So while we wait for her braces I decided to tape her up like the way I use to tape up horse....of course I googled it.... found good videos show where....which I figured I knew....but wanted to be sure..... now doing research on therapy.....not to start just yet..... but mama needs to be education....
    Thank you Smokey.... was easy to find...joined the group.
    Bailey's... thank you.... you're right you never know.... I'm so angry with myself for not figuring this out a lot sooner.... Bella's such a happy pup....she bares her pain too well.....but I just had this feeling that things were not right....
  13. sjdavenport

    sjdavenport Well-Known Member

    So sorry to hear about your girl. Unfortunately I know exactly how you feel - I've now had three dogs with CCL ruptures. I tend to be pro-surgery, but I know conservative management can work too. I just don't have the patience for it. I want my dogs back to full activity as fast as possible with as little arthritis as possible, and I think surgery is the way to get there. There are two Facebook groups I recommend in addition to Orthodogs that Smokeycat mentioned - Canine Cruciate Recovery (TPLO, CM etc.) if you decide to go for surgery or canine cruciate stories - a conservative management (cm) support group if you decide to try CM. My male is recovering from his second TPLO right now, so let me know if there's anything I can help you with! Good luck with Bella! It's going to be a difficult journey no matter what you decide to do. Hang in there.

    Here is video of my boy from just before surgery, then 10 days post-op. He's already walking better.

  14. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the fb club info....
    I've been taping Bella up and she had a better day today....keeping her on a short lease....poor baby must be killing her not being able to run and play.
    I've ordered her braces and put a rush on delivery. We go back on Monday to se our vet regarding her boil on her foot.... I've been soaking her paw in ebsom salts.... I think I'm going to ask if Miss Kay can come and help me with Bella this weeken.
    It's going to be a ruff one.... the whole area is garage sales. I'm thinking about using a tranquilizer on her to keep her calm. going to start a video log to share with others...and with our vet as well. Now I need to figure out how to get her into my car without lifting her back end into it..... has to be lite enough for me to handle but big enough for Bella to use it

    Ill keep you posted....
  15. Zeela

    Zeela Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear, I wish the best for Bella and you...Hang in there.
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  16. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Ok so took Bella to the Vets again to get her boil looked at ... yes its a boil and nothing else thank goodness. Vet refused to lance it... She was afraid of Bella biting her... Offered antibiotics ... and tells me that Bella may need to have 2 rounds of the meds to clear up the boil. I told her I would take her home and lance the boil myself. My brother in law come over to help me with this. Once it was lanced there was a foreign body in it... now it's gone. She hasn't even licked the lanced paw at all last night or today. I brought her to work with me to keep her quite and an eye on her...
    Bella's brace was delivered last night when I got home from work... It fights sorta... I think I may modify it a bit as it just didn't seem tight enough to me... but that being said Bella has been able to stand on her own with out my assistance last night and so far today... although I still had to lift her back end into my SUV cross over. I've put another order in for a brace for her left leg. Fingers crossed that in 6 to 8 weeks she will be healed and we can start therapy .... I'm thinking about sharing my hot tub with her .... sounds kinda gross but I will share if it helps her .... Ive already have a huge supply of epson salts for the hot tub....I can go without my hot tub for a while for Bella's sake..... I know I may regret allowing her into my hot tub... I can picture now ... I'm relaxing and Bella comes in with a canon ball splash...LOL ....
    Hey this maybe that great excuse to get a therapy pool .... for Bella and me .... now I just have to talk Percy, my hubby into it. .... Ok I'm off to find a used therapy pool / spa for Bell and me ;)
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  17. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    CDFC2BF5-C524-4D80-BDC6-654ED0711710.jpeg Bella sporting her new brace. It seems to be helping.,.. the brace and I took her to the office for a long day of laying around. Now I just need to keep her calm and resting for the next 6 to 8 weeks
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  18. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Oh, poor baby. But if it will give courage here to many who face these problems. Fingers and toes crossed that she makes a full recovery.
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  19. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the world of torn Cruciate Ligaments!

    Somewhere in Feb 2017 there is a thread about Denna's bad knee... we opted to skip surgery. The TPLO just scares me. Denna was 5.5 yrs old at the time, and not into anything overly athletic, so extra R&R was an easy choice.
    Found it:

    She injured her CCL (just the left one) in Nov 2016, so by the time we had it diagnosed in Feb 2017, she was ready to start therapy. You want a few months of pure rest to allow for scar tissue to form if you opt out of surgery. We had been keeping walks short due to her limp... I kept hoping it would go away, but it obviously didn't. She still has a little limp, but we have targeted exercises now to help her regain balanced movement. My PT vet has deemed both knees "stable", and sees no evidence of pain... just muscle memory and loss of muscle on the weak side that we're working through, now. The joy of not doing surgery - it's basically a life-long rehab process. But, we're enjoying the journey together.

    If you go the surgical route - the sooner the better, to avoid extra strain on the non-surgical side. There are also cases of people getting BOTH knees repaired at the same time... it makes for a harder recovery period, but you only have to go through it once.

    I'm in all three of those FB groups. Since we opted out of surgery, the "Cruciate Stories" group is where I participate most... They all have LOADS of experience and support, so good places to ask questions.

    If you want to see some of Denna's rehab and her braces (the custom Orthopets one we got in Dec 2018 is the best), there are lots of videos on her FB page:

    I know many people have had good luck with the Balto/soft braces, too, which is what it looks like you got?

    Other things that have helped Denna:
    Turmeric Golden Paste (but not before surgery, it interferes with blood clotting)
    Green Lipped Mussel powder (SuperSnouts has a good one)
    Inclover's Connectin (herbal joint and pain support)
    T-Relief drops for pain relief as needed
    CBD oil on really bad days (aka when we've done too much)

    Funny thing - my husband fell off his bike a few months ago and tore HIS cruciate... having been through this with Denna, his injury was EASY! The docs are much more willing to just brace a human knee and let it heal, though, or so it seems to me.

    Glad the boil was just a plain ol' bugger boil! Good you could take care of that yourself!
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  20. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    Hope Bella is doing better. Prayers
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