Beds - what does your dog sleep on

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    DB8737D3-F3C4-48EF-A78D-25075DCD6CD1.jpeg 601924A4-1789-4355-95B8-02BDAB2C46CF.jpeg DB8737D3-F3C4-48EF-A78D-25075DCD6CD1.jpeg I love this thread! All the pictures of your dogs sleeping and content made me smile! I wish our dogs could sleep in the bed with us, but my husband is actually allergic to dogs and has severe asthma! Axel used to come on our old bed but Dan was having asthma attacks so we had to buy a new bed and keep the pups off. Or new furniture is faux leather so I’m sure if they got on it I’d get holes in my couch.. They have their own beds that I buy from Walmart and they friggin love them! My step mother made them their own quilts and they snug right up to them. Cora prefers her quilt under her and her fleece blanket under her head. Axel makes a big pillow out of his quilt and blanket and snuggles right up to them. But axel loves to rest his head between the couch and coffee table... I’m not sure how it’s comfortable, but he seems pretty happy!
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    What is the brand/name of these beds? The above link no longer works. THANKS!

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