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Any options, dog attack?


Well-Known Member
I would trap those labs using a coyote trap. Then take the labs to the dog warden. Your neighbor will then have to pay to get his dogs out. Problem solved. Kids can then ride their bikes and play tag, etc.


Well-Known Member
Call the police and AC EVERY TIME you see those dogs on your property. Get pictures or better yet videos, pretty soon they will get tired of your and get off their bums and do something.

And authority wonders why citizens take matters into their own hands..........
I agree; videos every time the dogs are on your property; every time the dogs growl &/or charge you or especially your kids. Take it into the police or animal control warden. Be a polite pain in the butt.
I always feel bad in situations like this, because the animals are the ones that suffer. The stupid humans never learn.


Well-Known Member
Go out with the hose every time too. Spray the heck out of the dogs if they come near you. The air horn is a great idea as well.