Animal Planet Dogs 101 Video for Dogos

Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by Kahuna, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Kahuna

    Kahuna Well-Known Member

    I thought I would post a link to the dogs 101 video in case any Dogo lovers haven't seen it yet.

  2. Primehns

    Primehns Well-Known Member

    A puma whoa...
  3. Kahuna

    Kahuna Well-Known Member

    Apparently there was a little embellishment by AP but the story as told by Marcello Fernandez (close friend of the family in the video and one of the most respected Dogo breeders: De Calfucura - Dogo Cazador - Dogoman) on one of the Dogo Forums was that Morocho did not actually kill the puma but kept it pinned until one the girl's father was able to come and dispatch it with a knife. Still very impressive.

    Morocho from the video is the sire of my pup Tango. Not many pumas in NYC luckily!
  4. Primehns

    Primehns Well-Known Member

    Wow he must have top knotch bloodlines. Did he arrive by plane, or did you go and retrieve him?
  5. Kahuna

    Kahuna Well-Known Member

    His mother was knocked up in Argentina and someone imported her to the US. I was going to import one from Marcelo but the opportunity to get one of Morocho's pups came up so I jumped at the chance.

    Unfortunately, I was told that Morocho died recently in a hunting accident. Fortunately he has lots of pups to carry forward his legacy.
  6. lizzy_troy

    lizzy_troy Well-Known Member

    Wow, as if I wasn't already interested in Dogos, this video made me want to jump in the middle of a pack of Dogo pups!! The pups are absolutely adorable, and the adults are completely stunning! I'm going to do more research and see if there are any good breeders, rescues, or owners nearby that would let me meet a few Dogos...
  7. fila4me

    fila4me Well-Known Member

    where are you located? can check to see who is around where you are.
  8. el gato diablo

    el gato diablo Well-Known Member

  9. Kahuna

    Kahuna Well-Known Member

    Here is a list of some US based breeders I collated when I was doing research. There are a lot of BYBs on top of these. I don't recommend any of these guys as I have not had personal experience of them. Please do your own research.

    NY, Patchogue Long Island - La Historia
    Canada, Quebec - Valiente Dogos CA
    FL, Miami - Cordoba Dogos
    AZ Glendale - Old Town Dogos
    PR, Aguadilla - Apsauga Kennel
    OH, Athens - Legend Dogos
    FL, West Palm Beach - Las Pampas
    GA, White - D Ward Dogos
    CT, Eastford - Elysium Fields
    PA, Port Matilda - Escaya
    Toronto - Criadero Milcayac
    PA, Norristown - Eternal Dogos Home Page
    Misko MD, Boyds - Iron Hill Kennels
    PA, Erie - White Warrior dogs
    SC, Blair - Schaffer Ridge Dogo
    MN, Minneapolis - Dream Dogos
    NY, Shirley - Dogo De La Isla
    MA, Hinsdale - East Coast Dogos
    MI, INkster - Del Viento Blanco Litter
    WI, Northern - RSOL Dogos
    NY, Frankfort - El Toro MD
    Montgomery County - Domingos Dogos Puppies

    This is who I got Tango from. They have recently started breeding Dogos and have imported several dogs from de la Cocha in Argentina. Home - RUNAMUK Bull Terriers
  10. lizzy_troy

    lizzy_troy Well-Known Member

    I'm in North Texas, south of Dallas. I think there are three or four breeders around here (within a few hour radius).

    Our family dynamic is not ideal for a Dogo at this time (hence our DDB puppy), but when we're done having little babies and can be more active and outdoorsy as a family with our dogs, we definitely want to add a Dogo to our family. Hopefully we're out in the country by then......

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