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Angus + School


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For my first practical, I have to do beginner obedience with Angus. The exam afterward is apparently slightly harder than a CD title in competition obedience.

I am training Angus in mostly German commands. So far I've taught him down, sit, stand and we are working on heel and front. Obviously in German though.

Classes start next week officially but I figured I might as well get ahead start seeing as how my classmates have some more obedience with their dogs than I have with Angus. I don't want to feel like I'm too far behind them, haha.

I will try to get a video later. I haven't been worrying about position at all, just focusing on him learning the commands without hand signals; verbal commands only.

Its been a challenge, but fun. I love seeing him eager to work with me, rather than blowing me off and doing his own thing all the time.

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