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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by CeeCee, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Sadness...popped on looking for new pics, but hopes dashed.

    CeeCee, I need puppy cuteness, get your camera out. I have to live vicariously through your posts. I'm too old to go through a new puppy, I need to get my fix long distance!
  2. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Wow that's not far from me....I'm about 30 minutes drive west of Hamilton.
  3. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Where are the pictures? *poke poke poke*
  4. CeeCee

    CeeCee Well-Known Member

    Sorry all, Little Man has kept me ON MY TOES! I thought I was prepared, but alas I was not.

    But now we seem to be getting in the groove. Ha Ha Ha

    Knox is going great!

    Here are some long overdue puppy pics. :)

    As I mentioned we are getting out and about and meeting all the people we can and experiencing all the placed we can. So he goes to work with me on Fridays. He's a smart boy as he chose our HR Manager to really be adorable with.
    SM Knox at Work.jpg
    SM Knox and Laurie.jpg

    We also are learning to Mastiff by going out with his Uncle London and other Mastiff friends.
    SM 7 Stories.jpg
    SM Triphammer.jpg

    He LOOOVES big sister, Pru, and will do anything in his power to be near her and to try and play with her.
    SM Love My Sister.jpg
    Adoring Pru in Snow.jpg

    And a few of him just being his adorable self.
    Post Daycare.jpg
    SM Yummy Foot.jpg
    He has a fascination with his own image and will often stop to stare at himself in mirrors and even the camera.

    SM Handsome boy.jpg
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  5. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I'm in love! He's going to grow into a beautiful boy, both in temperament and looks. I can tell.
  6. CeeCee

    CeeCee Well-Known Member

    Aawww Thank you Honey! They breeder gave me a beautiful boy and I am doing all I can to grow what she gave me.

    I am COMPLETELY in love with him!!
  7. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Oh thank you for sharing those pictures! Amazing.... He's so cute....I just want to scoop him up for puppy cuddles and kisses
  8. CeeCee

    CeeCee Well-Known Member

    Shelia, he is all about the cuddles. My cat, Vinnie, walked all over him and forced him to move over so she could cuddle with him. SM Cuddle with Vinnie.jpg

    And Pru will let him drape all over her so he can cuddle in close.
    SM Morning Pack Cuddle.jpg
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  9. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Super Moderator

    He's gorgeous! I want to snuggle him and cuddle him and spoil him. What a wonderful boy. You are truly blessed. I'm so glad he's in love with your other pets, it's amazing. Just love the pictures! The HR lady looks totally OWNED. Your pup can have my lap any day!
  10. Sheila Braund

    Sheila Braund Well-Known Member

    Aaaawwww so adorable!

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