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All owners, please answer a few questions about creating new legislation, all States


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Re: All owners, please answer a few questions about creating new legislation, all Sta

1. While I can't speak on "breeding aggression" in the legal world, as I'm not sure I've ever known of this situation coming up in a legal situation, I have opinions on the rest of your question. First of all I just read a blog referring to animal cruelty & a correlation to violent crimes. While I'm well aware of the problem, as I'm pretty sure we all are, this blog references studies to prove the point. Can We Find a Link Between Animal Abuse and Violent Crimes? | Dogster
There is a direct relation between animal cruelty/abuse & people who commit violent crimes. As soon as the courts & judicial system realize that, perhaps animal abuse will be taken more seriously. As it stands, even if you're NOT someone who cares a lot about animal abuse, you probably care about human victims of extreme crimes like assault, sexual assault, & murder. The young sick twisted kid who gets a slap on the wrist for cutting a cat's ear off is liable to become the next sick twisted adult who is on trial for unspeakable crimes.
2. When I see or suspect animal cruelty, I investigate myself, then report it. Our county has an anonymous tip line. The magnet with the phone # is on the refrigerator. If I see a situation that I feel I can stop without endangering myself or anyone else, I step in. And then call the police.
3. Animals confiscated in an abuse/neglect/fight situation should receive physical & temperament evaluations, then transferred to an appropriate rescue for rehabilitation. Records should be kept on the cost of the rehab; the original owner of the animal should be held responsible for the cost of the exams & rehab. Michael Vick's dogs come to mind; very few had to be PTS. Almost all of them were rehabilitated. These animals SHOULD NOT languish in a kennel or stall for months or years, waiting for the case to come to trial.
4. I feel that having a dog is a priveledge, and that I as an owner should be held responsible for my dog's actions. Period. There are times when a dog is a repeat offender, but it's a nature vs. nurture situation. How did that dog get to be aggressive? While some breeds are naturally more aggressive, most dogs are not prone to attack humans. Dogs should be in control at all times. An escaped dog is forgivable, but if it's a constant problem, the owner is negligent. If a dog bites a child who is poking, pinching, tail pulling, etc. I would wonder where the child's parents are, and where the dog's owner is. If a dog attacks more than once, the dog should be confiscated & evaluated. And the owners should be held responsible.
5. I would definitely refer to a database like this, but only as an additional tool for a decision making process. Predator lists, can list people who should not be there, for various reasons. If a name comes up on a cruelty list, it would put up a red flag, and require additional investigation. But it would not be a deal breaker.
6. Most breed clubs & breed rescues are very aware of the strengths & weaknesses of the their breed. Many already issue a disclaimer, listing all the bad as well as good sides of their breed. I think the lack of communication comes when someone tries to get a dog from a shelter, or a friend, or finds a stray. Shelter workers are intent on getting those dogs out of there into homes, so they can make room for more. Sadly, I've known shelter workers who have no idea what breed or mix of breed they're looking at. The "pound", as it used to be called in Detroit many years ago, listed all dogs as hounds, pits, or GSD's. While it's gotten better, I still see many dogs identified as pit bulls, when they're not. Also the media has to get off this pit bull media mess. "pit bulls" (whatever THAT is) are not the only dogs who attack. But they're pretty much the only dog the media reports. Check any dog bite list; laborador retrievers are usually in the top half.
7. I would be happy to attend any responsible dog ownership course offered. And I would hope it would be mandatory. Also I already have rabies vac's for the dogs, & they wear their tags at all times. Copies of their certificates are in both cars, as well as in the house & my wallet. Since the dogs were excluded from homeowners insurance (bullmastiffs..it was the mastiff part they didn't like), I would be happy to obtain bite insurance, although I'm pretty sure it would be a waste of money. :)However, if I, as a bullmastiff owner, have to purchase this insurance, I would expect that my neighbor, the beagle/golden retriever/insert breed here owner, would be required to do the same.
8. I don't believe in screaming "Ban the deed not the breed" without offering an alternative. When I communicate with a community considering a BSL - and I communicate often - I always reference the Calgary Model. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has decided to eliminate all breed specific laws, and to address irresponsible dog ownership instead. The results have been quite effective. The Calgary Model
There are many more constructive methods of handling dog bites and attacks than banning certain breeds.
In addition, New York State Supreme Court has just recently ruled that there is no legal basis for breed discrimination. New York Court rules no legal basis for breed discrimination - Very Good Sentences - KC DOG BLOG


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Re: All owners, please answer a few questions about creating new legislation, all Sta

Thanks everyone for the responses! These coupled with polls I did on FB and on another forum I subscribe to will be complied together and I will create a summation that will go to the two house representatives that originated the initial proposal that received my attention!


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Re: All owners, please answer a few questions about creating new legislation, all Sta

Would the opinion of non-us citizens be of any help here?