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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Benz, Jun 22, 2019.

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    Im looking to breed my female Cane Corso, her next heat cycle is probably months away. I was looking into AI for her first breeding I can’t find prices anywhere online for the vet fees. Does anyone know or have any experience with veterinarians and AI? I’m wondering an average or estimate price on the procedure. Thanks in advance.
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    been 5yrs since the last time I did one , and I never really pay attention to vet bills , I just pay them ……. there is a difference between a surgical and transcervical AI , I think a decent guess for a surgical ended up at least $1500 , transcervical was cheaper , but not much ……… they'll need to progesterone test the bitch at least a few times , some of them are pretty unpredictable at around $100 a pop , they'll need to do a health/blood test for the anesthesia , there will be a cost for handling/checking/thawing the semen , i'd think you'd end up getting an ultrasound , in the end ……… I've bred litters I have no doubt costed me at least $5000 ……….. to top it off , there is no guarantee …….
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    Please ensure health screens are done on your female in advance of breeding. Last time we did an AI it was approx. $1600, without the stud cost, shipping, etc. Follow-up ultrasound was included, so there was that.
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    I think the best solution in such a case is to go to vet and he will explain every detail you need to do. This will be the easiest variant. I personally want to become a veterinarian and recently discovered about some courses from and it interested me a lot. I think I'm going to take this veterinarian school and then I will find a job in this field. How much I like my animals, I'm sure I'm going to do well in this chapter. I am aware that it will not be simple but I'm ready.
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    You are very brave.

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