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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by arcc3617, Apr 19, 2021.

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    So we are doing all of our research way before we get our Cane Corsos. We have ordered our crates, dog beds, food/water dishes, and some toys off Chewy. We have our puppy collars and leaches picked out. We also have their adult collars picked out, just waiting until we can get adult neck sizes We have researched all the top dog foods and finally picked our food for the dogs. We are already set up with our Vet. The Vet does most testing in-house, except eyes and heart, which they refer other Vets for. We like the one stop shop. We will have to drive almost 2 hours to get ears cropped because nobody in our area does them. We have set up our trainer. We get one Corso later this year and the other one early 2022. I know we are probably forgetting many things. If you see something missing please let us know. We are super excited and can't wait to add them to our family.
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    :) I remember those days. Sounds like you have most things covered. You mentioned the toys, make sure it's nothing they can choke on and please make sure some of the toys require your participation. It's one of the best ways to bond and build a relationship with them. Sitting your puppy in the middle of the room surrounded by toys will not end well for you. The one thing they want more then anything is your attention...

    Good luck and post pictures
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    Thanks, Richie!! Some of the toys are for mental stimulation, there are just a couple chew toys that will be laying around, and the others are for playing together
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    Welcome! It's so great to see someone preparing ahead of time. It seems like you've got everything covered. I'd suggest reading some books, since you have time. Control Unleashed - The Puppy Program is excellent for preventing problem behaviors before they start. Positively rather than punitively. And Puppy Culture for Puppy Owners is pricey, but SO worth the money. I also recommend that you do some looking into cooperative care veterinary care. Not sure if your chosen vet is fear free certified or involved in cooperative care, but it's the most amazing thing. Especially when you start with a puppy. There are a lot of things you can do with your pup to make the visits easier too. My daughter is a certified trainer/behavior intern/fear free certified/cooperative care instructor. She can draw blood and trim nails without restraint and it's very impressive. If you'd like any links I'll be happy to share them. In the past I've posted some videos of my daughter working on cooperative care with her boy if you're interested in seeing what that's about. It's good stuff.
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    Hey There! These forums are great to hear the experience of both experienced and new Corso owners. I have a 4-month-old about to turn 5 months. In my research, before we got our boy, I heard the phrase "stay calm and consistent." The phrase seemed to be dropped like a book that reads itself. Wherever that phrase came from, it needs to be expanded upon. Cane Corsos, or at least my CC, really cares about what I am doing. He looks to me for love, safety, direction, food, play, etc. And he gets it, he gets how I handle things. The awesome part is that my dog will mirror my actions; Corsos are smart.
    My advice, welcome your new doggies into every part of your life and take them everywhere with you. Teach them, but get ready to be amazed at how they learn! Get your routines & affairs in order for the best teaching environment.
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    Thanks Boxergirl. We will look into those books. We just ordered IL Cane Corso. One of the top rated books all CC owners should read and have on their shelves. I am not positive if our vet is cooperative care or fear free but they work with a couple other large breeds and CC's. They are one of the top rated vets in our area. Our CCs will be going to them forever starting from a young age. My fiance has worked with AmStaffs before and knows about the strong assertive dogs. He reads, watches youtube, and gets his eyes on everything about the breed. He then relays everything to me. We are both 100% about these CCs. I think he just dives in a lot further than me. The breeder we are getting the CCs from and my fiance have spent hours of time, plus 100's of texts, discussing CCs. We can't wait to get them later this year and in early 2022.
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    Thanks for advise. We plan on taking our CCs everywhere with us, not only to socialize them, but to also get them use to different situations. We have heard that phrase also. That phrase not only is about dogs but should be part of life among humans. Maybe if we lived by those words the world would be a healthier happier place. Our routines are pretty much in check, but having a 3 year old daughter, things can change on a dime. we can't wait to watch the CCs grow with our daughter and meld into our family.

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