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After 4 years of research and study this breeder (me) is about to have his first litter.


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After so my due diligence and learning everything I can about this wonderful breed, I decided to step foot into the breeders arena. I found my perfect female almost two years ago. She is now ready for her first breeding. She has excellent bloodlines. She's been tested and cleared 100 % genetically. She's our baby and I've finally found a stud I think will compliment her perfectly. Let me know what you think about the match. She's right at 90LBs and he's around 135. Plenty of champions all along the both bloodlines. She a little sassy but and incredible worker and fantastic in public. He's a mellow dude that I think is just magnificent.

Here you go

Final Breeding flyer.JPG


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Mufasa is a good looking dude. I used to follow Americana and I have had a few texts with Silas; but that didn't go anywhere for a couple reasons.

I researched the breed for a handful of years, but still feel like I know mostly a surface level of information on it. Would you say your female has the Boxer influence?
Face planes to convergent on the female for my taste, but if she got the temperment vgo for it!
Good luck, I hope you have a bunch of wonderful pups.