Aaand she's finally here!

Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by Sebb, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Sebb

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    IMG_3740.JPG IMG_3739.JPG Hey guys, as I told you guys in my last post that in a few weeks my puppy is old enough to travel and will be coming home, and yesterday our baby came home, she is such a pretty girl and adapting well to her new home, and her big bro, also the first snow came yesterday so our girl still has some problems adjusting to that and she will literally wait till we get inside to make her peepee :D Here is Shirin at 3.5 months :)
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  2. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh, she's just gorgeous!
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  3. scorning

    scorning Well-Known Member

    Congrats, she is really beautiful!

    As a side note, my Doberman pees and poops on our deck when there is deep snow so I feel your pain on the effects of weather on dog bathroom habits.
  4. Sebb

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    Haha, luckily she's still a baby so we got time to rid this habit, just makes house training a bit harder :p she seems so smart tho Im positive she's going to learn pretty fast.
  5. 7121548

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    Too cute!
  6. Nik

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! She is sooo beautiful!!!

    Also don't feel too bad about pottying inside due to the snow. Every dog I have ever owned has been a battle to get them to potty outside when it is raining. They hate going in the rain! Now they go outside but they do it on the covered back porch ... on the cement. lol

    I did get them raincoats and it seems if I put them in the raincoat and then take them outside they are more willing to go out in the dirt to potty. Maybe a rain coat would help with the snow?

    In any case that face is just so lovable and definitely worth all the efforts. <3 <3 <3

    I am so excited for you. :)
  7. Courtney H

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  8. Sebb

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    My girlfriend ordered an "adidog" tracksuit for her so she wouldnt get so cold, and luckily the snow actually melted and she has started to go outside :)

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