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A well earned rest for Dozer


Well-Known Member
@DMike: I imagine Dozer is smiling down from Heaven and bragging to his buddies that you were the best owner ever. I also imagine he is raising Hades in Heaven, and having the time of his life. Sorry for your loss; you are an awesome fur-parent.


Well-Known Member
Sad to hear this, im sure there a better place where they are happy and pain free. Be strong

I'll be using that rainbow bridge piece to help explain to a 6yr old why he doesnt need to cry over Max.


Well-Known Member
I am so sorry to hear you lost Dozer. He had an amazing life with you, and the affection you have for your dogs is so strong that they could not have been luckier.

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Mike i dreaded the day i opened the forum and saw this i know just from the short time ive been here that you love your animals R.I.P Dozer

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Thanks everyone. It was not over due. He was happy to the end even if he had pain he was still the king of the yard and let the other dogs know it.