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Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by Sebb, Feb 25, 2018.

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    IMG_4409.JPG Hey guys, Im a little concerned about my puppies weight, she has been hovering at around the same weight for like a month or so (29.5-30kg) which is around 65lbs, and her height is about 24 inches at the shoulder. She eats like a little horse so I really dont get why she's not gaining any weight.. I think she looks good as ive been watching her body condition but she's just stuck. Isnt it kinda early for growth to end or slow down this much and if it did end, Isnt she pretty small?
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    My EM's growth stalled a couple of times before he was a year old. His height stopped around a year old while he finished filling out just before he turned 5. As long as her body condition is good I wouldn't worry.
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  3. She looks really healthy and lean I wouldn’t worry. How old is she? My female dogo just turned a year old and she’s about 24 inches tall and 80lbs. Female dogos grow until they are two. Has she been spayed? That can stunt growth a little bit. But Nora looked like your pup a few months ago. They take a while to grow.
    6A0EAC57-5807-4067-91B0-558E17EE176A.jpeg C3820E4A-8843-4D22-9649-887425603059.jpeg
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    She's 7.5 months old at the moment. Im sure there's nothing wrong with her but I just found it strange and was looking for other experiences, my male grew steadily all the way up until he was done, but then again all dogs are different :p

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