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jenny adams

Well-Known Member
again punishing a bread for bad owners, they should not out law a bread, they should stop people how cant train there dogs to be good members of the doggy community, blame the owners not the bread. that is how the UK government is now dealing with the dangerous dog owners here.


Well-Known Member
I went on to read an article attached to the article and I am just PISSED. Some idiot says "They are a flawed animal and I think they belong in the zoo". WTF?


Well-Known Member
This is heartbreaking! I honestly used to believed pits were naturally aggressive dogs because EVERYONE told they are and the news seems to only draw attention to dog attacks that involve pits. But ive come to realize that is not the case at all. I watched this documentary on Netflix the other day called "beyond the myth" and it was about pit-bull bans in cities like Cincinnati, Denver, and Miami. It was simply awful what they are doing to these dogs and their owners. I cried multiple times while watching it. It gave me a whole new perspective on breed specific bans. It seems like nobody really cares until it is their dogs breed that gets banned.