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6 month old female bullmastiff. Enlarged vulva.


New Member
This is our first bullmastiff puppy. She is 6 months old. In the last 1-2 months we have noticed that the area above her vulva seems larger than other dogs. She has not gone into her first heat and I don't think she is yet. There is no redness or swelling on the vulva and she hasn't had any trouble with UTI's/infections. I'd like to get some input from these pictures to see if others have run into this. Is it normal for bullmastiffs and large breeds? Will she grow out of it?


  • BD5FCE83-6684-4FDF-885A-C6F9578EEE4D.JPG
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Well-Known Member
What does your vet say? My first thought was a very recessed vulva, but I've never seen quite that much ... extra ... at the top. Does she have any problems with recurrent UTIs or vaginitis?