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6 month old Dogo with an overshot jaw


New Member
Hi, hoping someone can clarify a few things for me. Titus is 6 months old and is my first Dogo. He seems to have an overshot jaw. Is it normal at his age?
I can't find much breed specific information for jaw growth on the internet. I'm hoping that the jaws do grow at differnt rates and that his lower jaw will catch up to his upper jaw. It also looks like he has base narrow canines, but again I do not know if this type of growth is normal or not. Does anyone have a similar experience with their Dogo? Is this something that will correct itself?


New Member
I have attached 2 photos. One with his mouth slightly open showing the overshot and the other closed. You can see where his lower canine is right behind his upper canine but on the inside


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Well-Known Member
If you got him from a reputable breeder I'd be inclined to say he'd be fine, but if you just got him from anywhere yeah he might have defects like that. You should be able to contact his breeder unless you got him out of thin air.
I don't know anything about jaw growth specifically though.